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10-Minute Yoga Routines for Volleyball

10-Minute Yoga Routines for Volleyball

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An innovative approach to developing strength, flexibility and balance in your volleyball players

with Staffan Elgelid, PT, Ph.D., CFT;
Nazareth College of Rochester Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

  • Easily add short yoga periods to your volleyball practices
  • Improve your players' core strength, and strengthen the muscle groups used most in volleyball
  • Reduce injuries by improving your players balance on the floor and in the air

Yoga brings an effective, innovative approach to volleyball training.

Featuring demonstrations by a yoga teacher and a volleyball player, Dr. Staffan Elgelid explains the crucial elements and importance of each pose, along with variations to accommodate players of differing strengths.

Included is a handy "pose library" that features demonstrations of each pose used in the routines.

This presentation is broken down into four 10 minute yoga routines that can easily be incorporated into a volleyball practice without the use of extra equipment. Each routine showcases a specific focus.

  • Flexibility Routine Each pose in this routine promotes the flexibility required to limit injury. Included is a 10-minute running clock, so players can determine their progress in the routine.
  • Strength Routine Yoga can strengthen muscles that may be overlooked in the weight room. These poses work muscle groups in an alternative manner to traditional strength training, giving players a fresh experience to their training regimen. Players practice poses that build core strength, overhead movement and spine flexibility.
  • Balance Routine This segment addresses overuse that occurs in typical volleyball players. By building equal strength in each arm and leg, players will enjoy a better sense of balance, which will limit overuse injuries.
  • Relaxation Routine Learning to control your mind and relax as a volleyball player allows your body to do what it needs to do on the court without being "tight," which leads to making mistakes. This routine can be used at the end of practice or by players individually before bedtime.

Players of all levels can get tired and unmotivated by traditional training methods, so implementing these routines into your program will bring a fresh perspective to training while maintaining the level of fitness required for volleyball athletes.

69 minutes. 2015.