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25 Defensive Team Drills for Infield and Outfield

25 Defensive Team Drills for Infield and Outfield

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Add variety to your practices by utilizing this collection of 25+ drills and progressions for infield, outfield and team time.

  • Train your infielders to get the ball to first base faster and with improved accuracy
  • Learn how to incorporate conditioning into team throwing, infield and outfield drills - so you don't have to make time for it at the end of practice
  • Discover positive verbal cues for training players to properly perform the skills you're teaching

with Christina Sutcliffe,
Northern Illinois University Head Coach;
back-to-back MAC Tournament runners-up (2013-14)

Discover over 25 drills for throwing, infield play and outfield play, that progress from simple to complex. Christina Sutcliffe shows you how to train players to get to the ball quickly and how to set up to make a quick, accurate throw to all bases. Coach Sutcliffe includes drills that have the infield and outfield working together in game-like situations.

Discover nine progressive drills that will help your outfielders get positioned and ready to make the play before the ball touches their gloves. The outfield sessions opens with a complete a series of fundamental quarterback drills. Outfielders practice getting behind shallow fly balls, drop stepping and cutting for deep fly balls, and fielding ground balls.

You will also learn a five-step progression for getting your outfielders comfortable with diving for the ball.

Moving on to the infielders, Coach Sutcliffe explains and demonstrates a "dailies" progression. Beginning with knee work and working up to fungos, you will see unique twists on common drills to ensure players are working on quicker transitions and accurate throws. The infielders start with no gloves, progress to mini-gloves and then to regular gloves while working on different types of ground balls and hops, all while practicing the throwing transitions to different bases.

The infielders also demonstrate different flips with the glove and bare hand, and practice picking throws at their bases.

Team Drills
After working on the individual components of the infield and outfield, players come together for 10 team drills. Included are drills for throwing, infield/outfield communication, diving, cut offs, tag plays and more. Most of these team drills have a conditioning component which minimizes the need for extra running before or after practice.

In addition to drills, you'll also hear Coach Sutcliffe talk to her players about corrections they need to make, why it's important to make them and how it relates to actual game situations.

This collection of drills will help keep your practices fresh and help train your players in the key fundamentals of infield and outfield play.

100 minutes. 2015.