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The Adjustable 3-2 Match Up Zone Defense

The Adjustable 3-2 Match Up Zone Defense

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  • Learn how to blend man-to-man and zone concepts into a more aggressive, difficult-to-recognize defense
  • Learn how to use the match-up zone to help contain a dominant post player
  • Discover ways to stop penetration and significantly lower the effectiveness of ball screen actions
  • Learn how to defend the most common offensive movements and actions with a match-up zone

with Kevin McGeehan, Campbell University Head Coach;
former Associate Head Coach at Richmond

Take your zone defense to the next level by incorporating the strategies of Kevin McGeehan's true match-up zone. Coach McGeehan has a history of great defensive teams. In this on-court presentation, he teaches how to implement a match-up zone defense that will confuse and frustrate opponents into taking low percentage jump shots. By mixing traditional man-to-man defense principles with the rim protection of a zone, Coach McGeehan takes away the effectiveness of dribble drives and ball screens, the two most-used offensive means of attack.

The session starts with the basics for each position and how the other positions match up based on how the point guard picks up. Each position has a specific role and duty, starting with not allowing any uncontested shots, containing dribble penetration and blocking face-cuts. You'll see how 1 and 2 guard fronts are matched up as well how they defend the post. Coach McGeehan demonstrates how positioning prevents dribble penetration.

Using a 5-on-5 shell drill, Coach McGeehan explains the basic rules and reactions. You'll learn how to handle screens, a technique for dealing with cutters, where the help needs be and how to handle the skip pass. One of the goals of a zone offense is to distort the defense. Coach McGeehan shows how his teams keep their shape, which is a key component to the success of his defense.

Once the basics are covered, you'll learn how to defend a variety of offensive actions and alignments. Coach McGeehan explains, in detail, how the basic rules of team defense work against each of these actions in addition to specific strategies for certain hard to guard plays. Learn how to defend five of the most common offensive movements:

    4-out-1-in (pass-and cut, as well as swing stagger screens and baseline runners) Carolina screens (back-screens, and down-screens) Ball screens (pick-and-roll, pick-and-pop, high ball screens) "V" (Horns) 1-4 High

With Coach McGeehan's instruction, you'll be able to confuse and frustrate your opponents on a nightly basis. Instead of adjusting your defense to their offense, they will be forced to adjust to you. Because of its strong ties to man-to-man defense, you can also use it as a secondary defense, which makes it even harder to dissect. Opponents will be helpless as they try to figure out how to beat this dominant defensive system.

55 minutes. 2015.