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Basic & Advanced Stickhandling for the Modern Player

Basic & Advanced Stickhandling for the Modern Player

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Reduce turnovers by maximizing your team's ability to handle the puck in game situations

  • Discover simple, easy to follow drills that develop quality stickhandling skills
  • Train players to create separation from the opponent to gain time and space to see the ice
  • Learn how to handle the puck with all parts of the stick in a simple and efficient manner

with Eric Johnson,
Founder and Lead Instructor of Impact Hockey
Minnetonka (MN) High School Girl's Hockey Head Coach, 2015 Minnesota Class 2A State Runners-Up;
General Manager of the Minnesota Hockey Advanced Program, former WCHA St. Cloud State Huskies forward,
NHL draft pick for the Vancouver Canucks;

"This is an exceptional video in terms of explanations and demonstrations. The variety and creativity is going to set a new standard of excellence." - Customer Review

Fakes, dekes, dangles - it all means more puck control and possession for your team.

Dramatically improve your ability to maintain puck control and possession by improving your versatility with the puck. Eric Johnson creates scenarios and plays that will help you and your team build a repertoire of stick handling and puck possession techniques.

The terminology and the progression to the "next step" that Coach Johnson provides is a vital learning tool to becoming a great stickhandling hockey player. From a basic toe drag, to head fakes to perfect passing, this video addresses everything you need to become a serious threat on the ice by keeping the puck on your stick longer and reducing turnovers.

Puck Control

Perfect passing, reducing turnovers, and increasing your own time and space will make you a more valuable player whether you are a defender or a forward. Coach Johnson runs through a review of the basics of stickhandling - proper stick length, hand position and body position - then focuses on more advanced skills like puck control with the toe of the blade. Several drills are used to highlight the importance of heads up and soft hands.

Today, most stick manufactures design the stick to use the toe of the blade as the release point for shots, so players needs to be able to control the puck off of the toe. Coach Johnson presents several toe flip drills that teach players to stickhandle with the toe of the blade; a skill that has become more prevalent in modern in hockey.

Separation Moves

The ability to quickly create separation from an opponent is necessary to create time see the ice. Coach Johnson introduces the concepts of pushing and showing the puck, then flicking the puck across the body to gain separation. He details several basic dekes, step outs and puck protection techniques that help players keep possession in all three zones.

The Around the Circle drill helps players to load the puck and spring across, which draws the opponent away from your intended direction and thus create more separation.

Advanced Stick Skills and Drills

The advanced section focuses on drills that involve multitasking and utilizing several skills at once. Coach Johnson has his players pass off tires and collect the puck in order to learn how to read and react to unpredictable rebounds and passes.

Off Ice Stickhandling and Drills

You'll learn several competitive drills that can be practiced on synthetic ice surfaces to continue skill progression off the ice. Perfect for players without regular access to a rink!

This excellent content will help you and your team build puck possession and stickhandling skills that go beyond basic dekes and dangles and into puck-on-stick mastery.

"Just this mere two hours of interaction and active practice of the techniques early in the video improved my stickhandling and also my personal time of possession of the puck. I play often play defense... it allowed me to make more careful plays and set up more intentional breakouts rather than merely punting the puck due to rushed fear and lack of time to make a play. This is a very valuable video!" - Customer Review

102 minutes. 2015.