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Baseball Hitting DVDs and Instructional Videos

Baseball hitting dvds and instructional videos from the best hitters and coaches in the game.

The Modern Swing: Techniques & Drills for BaseballThe Best of Championship Productions: 50 Hitting Drills for BaseballFrom the Ground Up: Building an Explosive SwingDaily Routines, Mechanics & Preparation for Hitting
Practice Drills for Hitting BaseballKevin Long & Alex Rodriguez Pro Hitter's WorkoutBaseball Instruction VideosTeaching the Game: Hitting Skills and Drills for Youth Baseball Baseball DVD
From the Ground Up: Foundations for Successful HittingFab 40 Hitting Drills for Beginning Players (Ages 5-9)Fab 40 Hitting Drills for Intermediate Players (Ages 10-14)Fab 40 Hitting Drills for Advanced Players (Ages 15 and Up)
From Tee to Machine: 25 Hitting Drills for Baseball Instructional Video
Coach Ed Servais presents 25 hitting drills you can use with your team to improve their hitting.
baseball hitting gap
Andy Lopez's hitting philosophy is centered on two main things: Low and Hard
Coaching the High School Hitter Baseball DVD
Legendary high school baseball coach Mike Woods provides the tools you need to make the most of every at bat.
Mega Hitting Drills Baseball DVD
This baseball hitting DVD is packed with uniquely effective and fun drills
Hitting Drills for BaseballSituational Baseball Drills for Batting PracticeHit Hard and Often! Proper Hitting TechniquesSecrets of the Short Game: Bunting Technique and Drills
Skills and Drills for HittingBaseball Instructional DVDsBaseball CoachingBaseball Instruction DVD