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Baylor Offense: Quarterback Play & Shallow Passing Game

Baylor Offense: Quarterback Play & Shallow Passing Game

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  • Learn quarterback drills for developing throwing power and accuracy
  • Learn how to develop simple reads for faster play
  • Get a shallow pass concept with route tags that work against any coverage
  • Learn how to beat blitzes using pass concepts to attack cover 0 pressure schemes

with Philip Montgomery, University of Tulsa Head Coach;
former Baylor University Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach; 2013 Big 12 Champions;
2013 Offensive Coordinator of the Year (FootballScoop); coach of Bryce Petty, Big 12 Player of the Year; Robert Griffin III, Heisman Trophy winner; Nick Florence, All American; Kevin Kolb, Conference USA MVP; and Houston standout Case Keenum

Former Baylor Offensive Coordinator Philip Montgomery shares insights into a offense that has dominated college football for several years. Utilizing pace and offensive balance, Coach Montgomery's offenses have been lighting up scoreboards and racking up yards by the hundreds. In this presentation, he shares playbook-related drills to use in the step-by-step development of quarterbacks.

Quarterback Technique & Drills
With a balanced offense, you can ill afford to have a quarterback suffer through an off day. Coach Montgomery shows individual keys to correct performance and enable your quarterback to function at his highest potential. Learn small refinements like how to hold the ball in a way that disguises plays and makes quarterback movements more efficient.

Starting with the quick release, Coach Montgomery shares practice drills that he uses daily to train some of the top quarterbacks in college football:

  • Feet Parallel
  • Open Stance (easy way and hard way)
  • Walk Away (easy way and hard way)
  • Back Pedal
  • Walk Forward
  • Shuffle in Pocket
  • Lateral (easy way and hard way)

Coach Montgomery talks about eliminating steps in the quarterback's throwing motion and ensuring they are balanced when they throw the ball.

To demonstrate how these drills translate to game day, Montgomery shows game footage of Baylor's quick passing game. Throughout each play, he teaches the key points, timing and concepts for each throw.

Shallow Passing Game
Coach Montgomery also shares the philosophy and detailed coaching points of the Baylor passing game. You'll see:

  • subtle adjustments that go along with the shallow crossing passing game that will help the offense create explosive plays.
  • quick screens that are a major component of the Baylor offense to stretch the defense from sideline to sideline.
  • pass concepts to attack cover 0 pressure schemes to beat the blitz.

Regardless of the type of offense that you run Coach Montgomery's ideologies, simple rules and drills can be implemented to gain a leg up in the offense versus defense war.

Produced at the 2014 Dallas-Fort Worth Red River Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

71 minutes. 2015.