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42 Advanced Ball Handling Drills for the Serious Player

42 Advanced Ball Handling Drills for the Serious Player

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with Ganon Baker,
Nike Basketball Training Specialist,
Ambidextrous Shooting Coach,
and World-renowned Instructor and Clinician

This DVD is only for those who are serious about basketball! Ganon Baker's expertise is in demand worldwide as an instructor and clinician. This DVD is proof of his popularity and ability to improve skills. "Taking your game to another level" through demanding drills is what Ganon Baker is all about. Success comes to those who dedicate themselves to improving their game every day, in-season and off-season. For the advanced player these drills serve as a foundation for rising to the next level of play. Handling the ball is the Rock of your total game. These drills will strengthen your game in every area through demanding, "no-frills" skills development. Only the serious player can use this DVD to produce noticeable improvements in his or her game. The Ball Wrap series contains 14 drills that challenge hand quickness and speed. Four additional Dribble Wrap drills emphasize ball control and concentration. The popular "NBA Dribble Moves" segment highlights moves made famous by Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, and Steve Nash. Baker's imaginative tennis ball drills are great for eye-hand coordination and focus. The "Moves on the Move" series focuses on driving in a straight line and getting to the basket. All 42 drills are combined in the "Magic Circle" drill where players creatively show their stuff. This DVD is for the serious player or coach who wants to get the most out of their workouts. The player who commits to Ganon Baker's demanding drills will witness improvement never before possible! This is a necessary investment in your rise to the "next level"! 47 minutes. 2006. DVD.