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Grassroots Basketball: Finishing School

Grassroots Basketball: Finishing School

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with Ganon Baker,
Nike Basketball Training Specialist, Ambidextrous Shooting Coach, World-renowned Instructor and Clinician

with Boo Williams,
Legendary Coach, Clinician, and AAU Boys Basketball National Chairman

Ganon Baker proves once again that scoring is the name of the game, and he shows you exactly how. Baker uses an incredible teaching method called "Dance Steps," which helps players develop the skills of finishing from the very beginning. An important feature of Baker's six teaching points is to start low, finish high and shoot in one motion. Baker focuses on the lay-up and breaks down the move like never before. Because the lay-up looks easier than it is to make, these drills and teaching points are invaluable to any player or coach. Lay-ups are taught in a one-two step fashion as well as from the two-footed jump stop. Several "no ball" drills also provide excellent opportunities for young players to learn. In the Open Lay-Up series players are instructed to execute a one-step shot. Players are encouraged to "Jump Hard" and to "fire your feet to the rim!" The difficult reverse lay-up is simplified by using the one-two step concept. Once footwork is in place, difficult reverse lay-ups can be easily mastered. The Iverson lay-up and the NBA series are illustrated and executed. Cones are effectively used in drills to assure proper angles to the basket. Also featured are finishing moves from the post - including the drop step, turnaround jumper, hook shot and the up-and-under move. Like pitchers in baseball, post players must develop more than one shot. Players learn how to effectively use the 2nd and 3rd pivot to slide by the defense for scoring opportunities. To test new skills, several one-on-one drills provide valuable chances for players to score baskets. Baker says "coaches give players the notes, then they have to take the test." Creative drills such as the Iverson one-on-one drill and the B-Line drill add intense competition to the workout. A favorite drill is the Trailblazer drill, which awards points to the offensive player for driving to the paint and scoring. "Finishing School" is education that all good players must gain. Use this DVD to increase your scoring ability and variety of moves around the basket. By taking advantage of these skills and drills, you can become the offensive threat that you've always wanted to be! 90 minutes. 2006. DVD.