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'Skill Overload' Post Play Progression Drills DVD

'Skill Overload' Post Play Progression Drills DVD

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with David Thorpe,
Pro Training Center's Executive Director

Coach Thorpe introduces the concept of Skill Overload in this impressive post improvement DVD. This presentation will show how he rapidly assists players to make the transition from executing new skills learned through drilling to successful performances in games. Thorpe believes in skill progression as the key to improvement. He begins with players demonstrating drills for developing their weak hand with short shots around the basket. A series of "Thorpe Drills" teaches needed skills such as footwork, catching, balance, and exploding to the basket. These drills are combined in a grueling drill where players attempt 24 shots, exploding to the rim. Big Step teaches players 10 feet from the rim to catch, keep the ball high and big step to the rim. The same drill is executed from 15 feet to stretch players' skills. Players also are instructed to two-foot hop to gain distance and balance on the way to the basket. Major emphasis is put on a go-to move with the back to the basket. More skilled players learn a 2nd, 3rd and 4th counter to their favorite post move. Thorpe teaches "show the ball without showing the ball" as players use their elbows as they execute the jump hook. A counter to the dangerous jump hook is a short jump shot in the paint, set up by a solid fake to the hook. As players gain skills in the post, they add the "freeze fake" to the progression. A final move in the progression is the classic "up and under" move. Thorpe's teaching concludes with a progression move drill that demonstrates all moves in the 5-step progression. This DVD is a tool for all coaches and players who are serious about improving post play step-by-step. Udonis Haslem, Loren Woods, Kevin Martin, Orien Greene, and Josh Powell are all graduates of Thorpe's program. Take a lesson from NBA players and learn from the best! 92 minutes. 2006. DVD.