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Sherri Coale: 5 -Man Motion Offense with a Purpose

Sherri Coale: 5 -Man Motion Offense with a Purpose

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For almost two decades, Sherri Coale has coached the University of Oklahoma Women's Basketball team. In this time, she has won three Big 12 regular season titles, two Big 12 Tournament crowns, and averaged 24 wins a year the last six years. She is the only coach in the history of the Big 12 conference to go undefeated for an entire season in conference play. The strength of Motion Offense has played a large part in her success.

In this dvd she demonstrates the foundation of this offense which is the basket cut. You will see why this offense is impossible to scout, and how you can reduce turnovers while forcing the defense to guard your motion. Three key teaching points are: walk and wait, shoulder to shoulder, and catch ready to score. She shares teaching methods that get post players involved. The motion offense gives flexibility to coaches and keeps players accountable. This presentation is great for all levels and can be highly effective for many teams. See how your team can benefit from the instruction in this DVD by becoming a difficult to guard offense. 70 minutes. 2006. DVD.