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The Encyclopedia of the "SOS" Defensive System

The Encyclopedia of the "SOS" Defensive System

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with Bob Kloppenburg,
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Bob Kloppenburg's name is revered throughout NBA arenas nationwide. Pat Riley has labeled him a "Defensive Genius" and Tex Winter credits him as a "Great Mind" in basketball. For 40 years, Coach Kloppenburg has created and developed the "SOS" defense that is now used extensively in the NBA. His 12 years with the Seattle Supersonics made the basketball world stand up and take notice as he taught his 12 defensive principles to the world's best players. Now retired, he mentors young coaches and conducts "D" clinics throughout the world. This three-part clinic series is a one-of-a-kind presentation on basketball's most respected defensive system. The unique "SOS" approach is designed to force the offense to react to the defense with intense, aggressive application of these 12 foundational principles. Sessions 1 and 2 deal with building the defense with attention on terminology, drills and teaching points. Session 3 segues into full court defense introducing the "Shadow Presses". These principles will allow you to disrupt any offense because the defense initiates the action and forces them into pre-determined check points. There are 13 drills that highlight the dozen key principles. The "SOS" begins with the Mass Drill that focuses on one-on-one defensive fundamentals. Pressure on the ball and pressure denial one pass away are basic principles taught by Kloppenburg. This one pass denial is called the "Snuggle Denial" and makes entry passes difficult for the offense. Once the ball is pushed to a side, the key is to keep the offensive player out of the middle of the floor and "in the box". The "SOS" handles screens with an aggressive "contact switch." This method is used to disrupt and take away passing lanes. "Smother" is another key principle where a dead ball dribbler is aggressively attacked by his defender. Different looks are possible with the "SOS". The Base Go Red is used when behind and needing to press while the Base Go "I" is used as the fundamental defense. Two surprise trapping schemes, called Red Same and Red Rover, complement the base defense. In the full court, the Up & Back Shadow Trap and Hold are demonstrated. This 3-hour DVD represents the complete package of the "SOS" defense made famous in the NBA. Its principles are adaptable to teams from junior high to the pros. A commitment to learning and teaching the SOS defensive system will put you in an elite class of defensive coaches at your level. 2006.

Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5. Sports Nation Video Sales Rank: 17 out of 471 for the category Coaching Basketball.

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