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The Encyclopedia of the "SOS" Defensive System

The Encyclopedia of the "SOS" Defensive System

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NBA Coaching icon Bob Kloppenburg's "SOS" defense is used extensively in the NBA. His 12 defensive principles are designed to force the offense to react to the defense with intensity and aggression. The "SOS" begins with the Mass Drill that focuses on one-on-one defensive fundamentals. Sessions 1 and 2 of this video deal with building the defense with attention on terminology, drills and teaching points. Session 3 segues into full court defense introducing the "Shadow Presses". These principles will allow you to disrupt any offense because the defense initiates the action and forces them into pre-determined checkpoints. There are 13 drills that highlight the dozen key principles. A commitment to learning and teaching the SOS defensive system will put you in an elite class of defensive coaches at your level. 2006.

Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5. Sports Nation Video Sales Rank: 17 out of 471 for the category Coaching Basketball.

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