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Phil Martelli: 11 One-on-One Drills

Phil Martelli: 11 One-on-One Drills

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with Phil Martelli,
St. Joseph's University Head Coach;
2004 National Coach of the Year

Coach Martelli believes that one-on-one play is an overlooked component of practice in today's game. He preaches that one-on-one play emphasizes skill, conditioning and competition. Everything about Martelli's philosophy includes hard play and competitiveness. In drills, it is the coach's responsibility to work skills of every player. The first drill he introduces uses chairs on the floor to create a half court one-on-one drill. The same drill can be used to focus on stops by the defender. The baseline and top of the key drills are competitive partner drills. The rotational drill keeps players moving from one spot to the next while getting eight reps of one-on-one. Throughout practice, scores are tallied both for individuals and teams. Coach pass one-on-one is a multi-purpose drill where players can play from the perimeter or the post. To keep things fresh, Martelli adds a new drill each day with a different consequence. Coach pass one vs. two, Sutton Drill, slap-n-go, full court one-on-one, Knicks, mismatch and king of the hill, round out an impressive group of one-on-one drills. 71 minutes. 2007. DVD.