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Steve Alford: All-American Workout - Vol. 2

Steve Alford: All-American Workout - Vol. 2

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with Steve Alford, University of New Mexico Head Coach; former NCAA All-American, NBA guard and Olympic Gold Medalist.

As a player, Steve Alford created his 50-Minute All-American Basketball Workout which was the most important thing in developing his success as a basketball player. 

In this on-court clinic presentation, Coach Alford takes us through his updated All-American workout that he uses with his players at New Mexico. This workout takes 50-60 minutes to complete and consists of running 10 drills and shooting 100 free throws. Alford believes that players have to evaluate themselves to be able to improve their weaknesses and that they must be doing something every day.

As Alford takes the players through the workout, he stresses the key components to each drill as well as the overall workout. 

The drills include half court ball handling, full court ball handling and shooting, half court dribble weapons, ball screen work, getting shots on the move from range, getting shots on the move across the top, 1-on-1 live, spot shots, spin and catch, and finally "21." After each drill the players shoot 10 free throws before moving to the next drill. At the end of the workout your players have not only worked on their endurance but also they've worked on improving shooting off the catch and the dribble, ball handling and using screens.

This updated All-American workout is a great tool to use during pre-season workouts, as well as for the players to use on their own in the summer development.

Produced at the Spring 2010 Las Vegas, NV clinic.

80 minutes. 2010. DVD.