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Off-Season Agility & Jump Training for Basketball Players

Off-Season Agility & Jump Training for Basketball Players

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with Lon Record, Villanova University Head Strength & Conditioning coach

Maximize your athletes quickness and jumping ability while reducing injuries! Step on the court with Lon Record while he demonstrates the 'Nova off-season agility and jump training routine. Record teaches you how to perfect your training techniques to help your athletes reach their potential. From an all-inclusive dynamic warm-up, to jump training drills and competitive agility drills, this video covers it all!

Dynamic Warm-Up & Flexibility - Record gets the blood pumping with eight general movements to get your players ready for full speed action. He provides 12 specific drills for increasing the flexibility of players both on the ground and on the move. Keeping your players flexible will help them endure the stress and impact put on their bodies while on the court.

Jumping & Agility Training - Before jumping right into the training program, Record covers how to teach players proper jumping mechanics and how to progress in increments from less intense to more intense drills. With 17 specific jumping drills covered, your training sessions are limited only by your imagination.

The agility drills focus on stopping and starting, change of direction and the use of body positioning. Record shows 14 drills to maximize players' quickness and acceleration and adds a competitive component to the drills.

Order this agility and jump training DVD today to ensure your athletes are reaching their athletic potential. 70 minutes. 2011. DVD.