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Off-Season Strength Training for Basketball Players

Off-Season Strength Training for Basketball Players

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with Lon Record, Villanova University Head Strength & Conditioning coach

You can't always control the basketball talent on your team, but you can put a bigger, stronger, more confident team on the court this season. Lon Record provides a revealing look into the Villanova Men's Basketball Off-Season Strength Training Program. Record's program incorporates a balance between pushes and pulls, to create a balance in strength, to help keep the body loose and to allow athletes to do more in a shorter span. Using various planes of movement, Record ensures that the muscles will be fully trained from every angle possible.

The program includes a warm-up utilizing movements that are specific to the workout that will follow. Record teaches you the "technique builders" that he uses from the day an athlete first walks into the weight room until the time he leaves school. By going through these basics with proper form, Record builds a solid foundation for a player's physical development.

Record splits up the lower body exercises into three separate movements: Squat Progression, Single Leg Movements and Lower Body Pulls.

The upper body segment follows the same premise of building on technique before progressing on to more advanced movements. Record demonstrates a routine to correctly warm-up the shoulder muscles to help prevent injury from the pushing and pulling exercises that will ensue.

Record balances this workout by maintaining a proper balance of pushes, pulls, and a combination set of exercises where he teaches you how to superset the movements to keep a consistent pace in the weight room.

Order this DVD today and learn how a solid strength & conditioning program can take your players to a whole new level on the court! 78 minutes. 2011. DVD.