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Secondary Break and Early Offense

Secondary Break and Early Offense

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with Mike Divilbiss, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Associate Head Women's Basketball Coach

Run with a purpose and take advantage of scoring opportunities after a made or missed basket. Widely respected women's basketball coach Mike Divilbliss breaks down the secondary break into a system suited for all levels of basketball instruction. Coaches will learn to implement this system as a means to build a program with consistent winning tendencies over the course of multiple years even through changes in personnel. This DVD features teaching segments that introduce Coach Divilbiss' philosophy on the secondary break. He teaches how to get the ball in-bounds quickly and details each of the five positions and their responsibilities.

Watch how Coach Divilbiss explains the secondary break with five key segments:


Coach Divilbiss introduces the secondary break, the basic alignment and rules of the break:

Each of the five positions and their responsibilities are covered

Emphasizes the importance of getting the ball inside to the post player

Stresses quick ball movement ("side-top-side") for open 3-point shot opportunities

Teaches proper spacing and how to look for scoring opportunities before entering into secondary break



Learn four reads that your players need to know:

Back screen for trail post

Down screen for when back screen is overplayed

Basket or back cut by trail post when ball reversal is denied

High ball screen for the point guard to create various scoring opportunities


5-4-1 DRILL

This drill is designed for the point guard, trail post man, and lead post man. This drill will:

Teach your players how to get ball in-bounds quickly and look for lead post man

Works on "high-low" entries

Condition your post players for this fast-paced offensive attack



Divilbiss teaches how to utilize all four reads that are used in his secondary break offense:

Stresses the importance of scoring quickly with "2.5 cycles in 34 seconds"

Emphasizes the importance of using both sides of the floor

Talks about the "pitch ahead" pass and how to use it effectively



In this drill, Divilbiss runs the secondary break against defense and he provides excellent commentary on:

Primary fast break vs. secondary break

Keeping the ball in the middle of the court to improve passing angles and to enhance quick ball movement

Being aware of the importance of passing the ball inside while allowing perimeter players the freedom to shoot 3-point shots

Making perimeter players interchangeable

This is a DVD that coaches at all levels will find useful in improving their team's play in transition. Coach Divilbiss is thorough, but simple, in explaining how his secondary break can ignite your team's offense! It is a must have for the serious coach who wants to play up tempo basketball! 49 minutes. 2012. DVD.