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All Access Temple Basketball Practice

All Access Temple Basketball Practice

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featuring Fran Dunphy, Temple University Head Coach; 2012 A-10 Coach of the Year; 3x Atlantic 10 Champions

Learn a variety of drills to improve your team and prepare for next opponent.

This three-disc set give you a unique and exciting look at the Temple basketball program. Fran Dunphy allows you unprecedented access to his practice in the middle of the season as his team prepares for three different opponents.

Disc 1:

Learn different options of Temple's "Nose" 2 man game

Use a wide variety of perimeter/post drills that can be used w/in your offensive scheme

Get transition/recovery drills that simulate game-like conditions

In this practice session, Coach Dunphy and his assistants are preparing Temple for their game the next day vs. the University of Buffalo. You'll get a first-hand look at how Temple breaks down their opponent in the film room and then applies the film study to the day's practice. Assistant coaches show how to utilize backup players to run the opponents offense

Coach Dunphy and his staff, while preparing for what Buffalo does, really focus on getting their players and their team better in the areas they need improvement. He stresses that they need to improve their transition game, so the Temple runs through a variety of drills that serve the purpose of improving transition. The team also goes through some two-man drills and post and perimeter drills that fall in the flow of what the team does. Dunphy really stresses the importance of doing small things right throughout the practice, and does a great job of giving immediate feedback to his players.

A fast pace and intense practice focuses us keeping all players involved while preparing them for the game then next night.

Disc 2:

Learn to Defend a physical post player when your team is undersized

See drills that work the wing and post together on inside game

Implement some light, fundamental, conditioning, and warm-up drills to utilize on the day before a game

The disc provides a valuable look at how Temple runs a practice with only one day to prepare for an opponent. It starts off in the locker room as Dunphy goes over the good and bad from the previous night's game vs. Buffalo in the locker room. The setting then moves to the film room to breakdown the upcoming opponent and then moves to the practice floor where everything that was identified as an area of concern is address with the players through drills.

During the practice, Coach Dunphy and his staff, go through some excellent 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 drills to work on their post offense and defense, which was a problem in the Buffalo game. These drills are good for the perimeter player to use/defend cuts and screens and work on situations such as Hi-Lo, Isolations, and all different types of screens.

Watch as the team works in their 2-3 defenses, running through adjustments and trapping options they may need to make in the next game, finishing with a 5-on-5 controlled scrimmage working vs. offense and defense that Delaware will run.

Disc 3:

Put in drills (like the O, D, O) that forces players to communicate on the floor and make them accountable for knowing the O and D

See the 2-on-2 Four Corner Drill to work on common 2 man actions

See how to add an upcoming opponents favorite offensive sets to your shell drill

In this practice session, Coach Dunphy and his assistants are preparing Temple for their game the next day vs. perennial powerhouse Duke. Dunphy and the assistant assigned to scout Duke goes through some offensive sets that Duke runs, and focuses on strengths of some individual players. They then moved on to the Duke defense, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Practice starts off with a full court layup drill that allows players to work on their fundamentals and conditioning. Offensive breakdown drills are next as Dunphy goes over what scoring actions he thinks will be successful against Duke. Dunphy then switches the focus of the practice to defense by going over Duke's plays and how he wants to slow them down by focusing on their favorite half court sets and showing how he wants them defended in Temple's shell drill.

At the end of Disc 3, Coach Dunphy gives a review of their victory over Duke and who they got the win over the 5th ranked Blue Devils.

362 minutes (3 DVDs). 2012. DVD.