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Jerry Faulkner: Managing the Coaching Issues You Face

Jerry Faulkner: Managing the Coaching Issues You Face

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with Jerry Faulkner, former Charlotte Latin (NC) Head Boys Basketball Coach; won over 700 games at the high school level (averaged 21 wins a year); had only one losing season in 42 years of coaching; won nine state championships; coach for McDonalds, Capital Classic and USA vs. Russia all star games

Coaching at the high school level means dealing with players, parents, teachers, and school administration. Jerry Faulkner provides insight on topics important to coaching--outside X's & O's-- that will help you build a program with long-term success based upon character oriented philosophy. Coach Faulkner was able to build one of the most powerful private school teams in the history of North Carolina high school basketball. Through his development of character centered procedural techniques, Faulkner was able to thrive and impact countless lives over the course of a 42 year career. Beyond wins and championships, Faulkner developed principles that used basketball as a vehicle to make a positive difference for young men and women.

In this video, Coach Faulkner shares with coaches the key strategies to tackling issues facing modern coaches so that they might best serve their student athletes and enjoy long and emotionally prosperous careers. Coach Faulkner provides specific ways to handle 14 topics that can cause trouble for you as a coach. Topics include: Dealing with referees, Dealing with cutting players,  Dealing with parents, Dealing with administration, Dealing with problem athletes, Dealing with the media, and many more.

In addition to covering issues that every coach faces, Coach Faulkner gives guidance on how to improve as a coach. Faulkner uses personal examples to illustrate how important it is to develop kids, build relationships and be a role model for the student-athletes that you coach. 

This video will make sure that coaches are ready for the challenges that go beyond X's and O's and impact real-life situations. Produced at the Fall 2011 Orlando (FL) clinic. 76 minutes. 2012. DVD.