3-2 Zone Defense

3-2 Zone Defense

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with Tim Jankovich, Southern Methodist University Associate Head Coach; former head coach at Illinois State, former assistant coach for Bill Self, posted the most victories (25) by any first-year head coach at Illinois State.

Learn the secrets of the 3-2 zone defense and how it can work for you! 

The game of basketball is constantly-changing and new strategies are developed every year. The most popular of these changes in today's game is the use of the ball screen in nearly every offensive set. The ball screen initiates dribble penetration to the middle of the floor and is a difficult technique to defend because it requires excellent communication, quick decision-making, and exceptional effort. Using on-court players, Tim Jankovich takes you through the fundamentals of the 3-2 zone defense; a defense designed to negate dribble penetration by shoring up the middle of the paint and forcing passes to be made to the wings and corners.

Coach Jankovich outlines every aspect of the 3-2 zone, starting with the qualities required of a team wishing to adopt this defensive approach.

Front Line: Coach Jankovich positions the three defenders along the front line of the zone and discusses the responsibilities and rotational patterns depending on ball position. Jankovich discusses the "accordion effect", and demonstrates how the front three must interact with each other in order to shut down dribble penetration. You will learn the number one responsibility of the middle-man and how to effectively defend the high post.

Back Line: Jankovich aligns the back line and discusses the "connected by a string" analogy as it applies to the two post defenders. He demonstrates three approaches for creating havoc once the ball enters the low post, and the importance of the "sprint in faster than sprint out" ideology as it pertains to defensive corner close-outs.

Special Situations: Learn several common alignments that an offense will utilize in an attempt to attack the zone and how each can be defended. Various offensive schemes such as the strong side overload, baseline runner, and those designed to target corner 3-point attempts are all addressed. Corner traps (with a weak-side "Flyer") as well as denying the ball reversal out of the corner are two of the defensive tactics demonstrated. Coach also discusses a defensive counter to a 2-guard offensive attack by demonstrating an all-out trap at half court with all five members of the zone sprinting to their designated coverage areas.

The 3-2 zone defense is one of the toughest defenses for your opponents will face with its ability to shut down dribble penetration, force outside jump shots, and guard against easy looks into the post. Implement the 3-2 half-court zone defense this season and stifle the opposition's game plan! 54 minutes. 2012. DVD.

Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5. Sports Nation Video Sales Rank: 23 out of 192 for the category Basketball Instructional Videos.

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