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Snow Valley Basketball School presents: Shooting and Rebounding Drills

Snow Valley Basketball School presents: Shooting and Rebounding Drills

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Mark Franzen, Luther College Head Coach

Craig Myers, longtime Snow Valley instructor

Nick Logalbo, Lane Tech Head Coach

Tates Locke, Former NCAA and NBA Coach

Drew Hanlen, NBA/Elite College Skills Coach & Consultant

Todd Bontrager, East Sac County (IA) High School Head Boys Coach

Tom Saltzstein, Phoenix College Assistant Coach

Snow Valley Basketball Camp is one of the premier camps in the nation. Featured in Sports Illustrated as one of the best fundamental basketball camps in the country, the camp's primary focus is on helping players improve their individual basketball skills in every area of the game. Each camp contains an outstanding group of experienced high school, college and professional coaches selected for their ability to teach the game.

SHOOTING FORM (Franzen - 30 minutes) - Learn a series of shooting drills to improve your shooting form and develop effective backspin whether you're stepping into your shots when receiving a pass or shooting off the dribble.

SHOOTING THE JUMP SHOT (Franzen - 26 minutes) - Use the jump stop technique to deliver balance to your jump shot! After re-emphasizing the form and balance techniques from the first segment, Coach Franzen adds a shot fake into the drill and has each camper utilize a two dribble limit to create space. He then demonstrates the jump stop technique to provide balance for your shot.

SHOOTING (Franzen - 36 minutes) - Coach Franzen continues to build the jump shot by advancing campers from stationary shooting to shooting on the move. Shot faking and rip-through moves are reinforced to give you options against any closing out defender. Get your opponent to settle in and lose his balance with drills to work on V-cuts, jump stops, shot fakes, rip-throughs, and shooting balance.

CUT THROAT (9 minutes) - Put all of your skills to work in a game of Cut Throat! This is a fast-paced game that players enjoy and it helps coaches discern where additional work is needed. Players learn the importance of squaring up to the basket, rebounding, thanking the passes, having good body language, accepting a referee's call and more.

REBOUNDING (Myers - 20 minutes) - Rebounding is hard work and a lot of time and effort is required to hone this skill. Coach Myers provides an easy-to-follow drill progression that will build the skills you need to become proficient at rebounding.

SCREENING (Locke - 23 minutes) - All players love to play with a guy who can screen effectively because an effective screen is very hard to defend. If done properly, you can run the screens over and over and over and the defense will not be able to stop you because you will know how to read and react to every screen. Coach Locke guides you through the techniques necessary to set solid screens. Having the knowledge and skill to set screens will make any offense more productive.

BACKCOURT PLAY (Hanlen/Bontrager - 23 minutes) - Learn offensive cuts you can use to get open when facing pressure in the back court. Coach Hanlen works these techniques with a 1 v 0 drill that incorporates these back court cuts, but also includes dribble drives, jump stops, and individual "in and out dribble" offensive skill moves to finish the drill. He then puts players in a live, continuous 2 v 1 drill that incorporates help defense, offensive cutting and quick offensive decision-making. Coach Bontrager demonstrates a drill that involves in-bounding the ball against pressure. The session closes with a continuity drill that puts everything discussed together: back court cutting, ball handling, defensive pressure, quick decision-making, offensive moves, and more.

REBOUNDING, OUTLET, AND TRANSITION FROM THE POST (Saltzstein - 22 minutes) - Coach Saltzstein take you through a rebound-outlet- transition progression and show you how to attack your opponent and make your transition game more effective. You will learn the importance of each position in transition, the advantage of being up court on the outlet pass and reducing dribbling by passing to open teammates.

Snow Valley Basketball Camp provides its campers with all of the critical fundamentals and technical skills needed to become a top player. With this video set, Snow Valley gives you an inside look into what makes it so popular amongst coaches and players across the country. 189 minutes (2DVDs). 2012. DVD.