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The Diamond Full Court Press

The Diamond Full Court Press

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University of Massachusetts Head Basketball Coach Derek Kellogg takes the full court press to the next level by implementing the press for the entire 40 minutes. Through this court-tutorial, Coach Kellogg shows you how to get your opponents to play at a pace and style they are not accustomed to. Kellogg demonstrates the full-court diamond press while providing several breakdown drills you can use to instill the attacking mentality into your team. Kellogg builds an attacking mentality through a series of 5-minute drills that are run every day. Kellogg illustrates drills to develop the role of the player guarding the inbound pass - along with drills to develop both the middle layer of the press and the back leg of the diamond. The Recovery Drill teaches players to sprint back on defense and to poke the ball from behind before falling into help position. Once all of the layers and aspects of the roles and rotations are addressed, Kellogg puts all of the elements together in live, 5-on-5 drills. With the UMass Diamond Press, your teams will play energetic and exciting basketball that leads to wins and fills the stands. 69 minutes. 2012. DVD.

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