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Champions Find a Way!

Champions Find a Way!

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with Eliot Smith, Athletic Director and Boys Basketball Coach at Lick-Wilmerding (CA) High School; 2012 Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach Award, 3x Sportsmanship Coach of the Year; Camp Director for John Wooden, Pat Riley, and the Golden State Warriors

Why is that you see the same teams and programs in the spotlight year after year, contending and winning titles time after time? What makes a champion? How do you build a champion? "Success leaves clues," according to Eliot Smith. "Forget about the scoreboard, if you want to be the best coach that your kids have ever had, then teach your players and teams those winning qualities that will last with them for the rest of their life."

For the past 25 years, Coach Smith has been teaching these qualities to the boys and girls at Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco. For the first time, you will get to go behind the scenes and see first hand what these winning qualities are:

How to Build a Winning Program

How to Be a Great Coach

How to Get the Most Out of Your Players

How to Earn that Trust with Your Parents

How to Make All of Your Kids Look, Act and Think Like a Champion

Coach Smith's philosophy centers around the idea that the most important lesson we can teach our players is that "champions find a way." In his system, players buy into the "big picture." Smith's players play with confidence knowing that it's OK to make mistakes, but it's not OK to not take chances.

High School athletes are constantly developing their skills, knowledge, and emotions throughout their days. It can be very hard to get athletes to buy into a tradition or to work hard, but Coach Smith will outline five ways to get the most out of your players by giving your players compliments, focusing on the positive, and creating an attitude that inspires your athletes to hustle and prepare for any battle and teach them to get out of their comfort zone and "put their foot in the circle".

You will get to see Coach Smith model his championship attitude by listening and watching the game footage provided in this DVD.

Buy now and discover a tool that will help you build a tradition of excellence, create a team-first attitude, and develop the mentality that champions find a way! 53 minutes. 2012. DVD.