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The Best of Ganon Baker 3-Pack

The Best of Ganon Baker 3-Pack

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The Best of Ganon Baker: Best Pro Scoring Moves

featuring Ganon Baker, Owner of Ganon Baker Basketball, WNBA/NBA Nike Basketball Training Specialist, Ambidextrous Shooting Coach, World Renowned Instructor and Clinician

Take the best moves from the best players ever and add them to your basketball arsenal!

Ganon Baker does it once again! In this DVD he compiles the best moves that he has presented throughout his years as one of the premier player development experts. If you missed out on these drills in their initial release, now's your chance to make up for lost time!

Whether it's Allen Iverson's "killer crossover" or Dwayne Wade's pullback jumper you are going to find what you need in this one video. Baker will walk you through each move and then run it at full speed to give you a real life look at the moves that made these NBA players great. Baker breaks down three areas that the pros have perfected and gives you the moves you need to be effective in these areas.

Finishing Moves
Allen Iverson had an array of effective ways to score around the hoop. At barely 6 feet tall, he had to use his body and his quickness to score. Baker shows you how he did it. Kevin Garnett, a seven footer, used a different set of moves to score. Baker takes these effective moves and adds them to this DVD. Other NBA player moves, such as Steve Nash and Xavier McDaniels, are also simulated in this instructional set.

Triple Threat Moves
Attacking from the triple threat is the most effective way to clear space in the game of basketball. With the Commando Drill, Baker shows you easy ways to score using pro player moves. Michael Jordan may have been the best player at using the triple threat to get to where he wanted to go. A set of Jordan moves are included and are truly priceless.

Dribble Moves
The game has evolved and being able to handle the rock is essential in today's game. Ganon Baker is phenomenal at using the bounce and adding NBA player strategies to his skills only exemplifies his abilities. In this section of the DVD, you will learn some of the best moves off the dribble. Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and other great ball handlers' moves are presented, taught and run at full speed to give you everything you need to take your game to the next level.

Also, knowing where to go to get the best shots possible is another key to having success on the offensive end of the court. Find out where the "kill spots" are on the court and easily access these with these attacking moves.

Baker's instructional style is one of a kind. He demonstrates and teaches with moves with passion that cannot be matched. Learn the moves the pros use to dominate at the highest level with this valuable DVD.

43 minutes. 2013. DVD.

The Best of Ganon Baker: Intermediate Off-Season Workouts

featuring Ganon Baker, Owner of Ganon Baker Basketball, WNBA/NBA Nike Basketball Training Specialist, Ambidextrous Shooting Coach, World Renowned Instructor and Clinician

"Players are made in empty gyms in October." To become a great player, you must begin by becoming a good player. To become a good player you need a plan.

Ganon Baker provides a plan for aspiring basketbball players in his "Best of" 10th Anniversary Intermediate Player Development Workout. Taking the very best drills from all of his Championship Productions instructional videos, the guru of player development offers a five-day workout plan that cannot be matched in terms of drills, skills and energy.

Whether its ballhandling drills from the Superman DVD, shooting drills from his Lost Art of Shooting video or drills for attacking the hoop from his Grassroots series, Baker gives you a plethora of development drills in this one DVD.

In order for off-season workouts to be effective, players must invest fully in the workout. With five days of challenging material, Baker will keep you engaged and enthused about the next day's events. As Baker preaches, "Don't allow mediocrity in your workouts." This is almost impossible if you use this series of drills.

The ballhandling drills take your basic skills to the next level through innovative and exciting challenges. Developing your ballhandling and coordination is the first step to becoming a threat on the basketball court. Making the basic layup cannot be forgotten either. With the Iverson Drill, Baker works this essential shot while putting a bit of "swag" in the drill.

Proper shooting form within challenging drills is constantly reinforced. Baker, who can shoot with either hand, puts himself through a series of challenging and fun drills that will require you to stay focused on good form as you push through the drill.

While skill development is key to building a basketball player, conditioning and strength cannot be forgotten. Through an intense series of core exercises and some quickness and agility jump rope workouts, Baker helps prepare you for more than just the technical aspect of the game. Being physically prepared for battle will give you the edge verses your opponents.

Nothing is missing. Take the best drills from one of America's most innovative skill development teachers and you will get a great workout that will propel you to the next level.

Get out of your comfort zone with this intense series of player development workouts.

98 minutes. 2013. DVD.

The Best of Ganon Baker: Elite Off-Season Workouts

featuring Ganon Baker, Owner of Ganon Baker Basketball, WNBA/NBA Nike Basketball Training Specialist, Ambidextrous Shooting Coach, World Renowned Instructor and Clinician

To become an elite player you must have an elite plan. World renowned Nike Basketball Trainer Ganon Baker gives you the plan in this comprehensive off-season workout program. Baker takes the best drills from all of his instructional videos and puts them into one great DVD to celebrate 10 years of Ganon Baker basketball instruction. This set is a phenomenal tool to help the good player become great.

Baker's instructional videos have become the gold standard in player development over the past 10 years. His creative drills alongside an undeniable passion for the game have enthused future basketball stars for the past decade. Baker presents some of his best stuff from his extensive library of videos.

Whether it is a drill from the Superman Workout DVD or a few fundamentals from his Grass Roots Moving without the Ball video, you will get magic bits of knowledge from each. If you need a move to score an easy basket in a one-on-one situation, Baker takes drills from his 30 Finishing Moves instruction. If you are big man and want to build an all-around game, this DVD shares valuable drills from the Big Fella DVD. You couldn't ask for more in one DVD!

Trying to figure out a way to encompass all the skills necessary into one weeks' worth of workouts is always challenging. Baker easily does this by taking the best drills from his extensive library of instructional videos. Whether it is rip-throughs using chairs or dribble drive action using a set of cones or imaginary one-on-one play verses your favorite NBA player, Baker gives you the edge in personal player development.

Players don't just become great by working with the basketball. As Baker would say, "Pain is weakness leaving your body." With the series of jump roping exercises or the core strength workouts provided, you will help eliminate those weaknesses. Beat or compete with more talented players by using these strength drills to prepare yourself for your competition.

Having a thorough development plan to build your skills and push yourself to the next level is the key to becoming an all-around great baller. Get the "edge" over your competitors by using the most creative and challenging drills on the market to guide you in your basketball development.

86 minutes. 2013. DVD.

ganon baker
Take the best moves from the best players and add them to your arsenal!
ganon baker workout
Players are made in empty gyms in October!
ganon baker pro
To become an elite player you must have an elite plan!