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The Best of Ganon Baker: Elite Off-Season Workouts

The Best of Ganon Baker: Elite Off-Season Workouts

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featuring Ganon Baker,
Owner of Ganon Baker Basketball, WNBA/NBA Nike Basketball Training Specialist, Ambidextrous Shooting Coach, World Renowned Instructor and Clinician

To become an elite player you must have an elite plan. World renowned Nike Basketball Trainer Ganon Baker gives you the plan in this comprehensive off-season workout program. Baker takes the best drills from all of his instructional videos and puts them into one great DVD to celebrate 10 years of Ganon Baker basketball instruction. This set is a phenomenal tool to help the good player become great.

Baker's instructional videos have become the gold standard in player development over the past 10 years. His creative drills alongside an undeniable passion for the game have enthused future basketball stars for the past decade. Baker presents some of his best stuff from his extensive library of videos.

Whether it is a drill from the Superman Workout DVD or a few fundamentals from his Grass Roots Moving without the Ball video, you will get magic bits of knowledge from each. If you need a move to score an easy basket in a one-on-one situation, Baker takes drills from his 30 Finishing Moves instruction. If you are big man and want to build an all-around game, this DVD shares valuable drills from the Big Fella DVD. You couldn't ask for more in one DVD!

Trying to figure out a way to encompass all the skills necessary into one weeks' worth of workouts is always challenging. Baker easily does this by taking the best drills from his extensive library of instructional videos. Whether it is rip-throughs using chairs or dribble drive action using a set of cones or imaginary one-on-one play verses your favorite NBA player, Baker gives you the edge in personal player development.

Players don't just become great by working with the basketball. As Baker would say, "Pain is weakness leaving your body." With the series of jump roping exercises or the core strength workouts provided, you will help eliminate those weaknesses. Beat or compete with more talented players by using these strength drills to prepare yourself for your competition.

Having a thorough development plan to build your skills and push yourself to the next level is the key to becoming an all-around great baller. Get the "edge" over your competitors by using the most creative and challenging drills on the market to guide you in your basketball development.

86 minutes. 2013. DVD.


This DVD is part of the set: The Best of Ganon Baker 3-Pack