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Building Your Half Court Offense with Shell Drills

Building Your Half Court Offense with Shell Drills

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with Mike Procopio, Director/President of Hoop Consultants; Director of Basketball Operations for ATTACK Athletics in Chicago (IL); has worked with Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Caron Butler, as well as 75 other NBA players; Strategic Game Management Coach to Kobe Bryant for the past two season (2 NBA Championships)

Much like using shell defense to teach man-to-man defensive concepts, Mike Procopio demonstrates how you can develop an effective and smart offense using 3-on-0 and 4-on-0 shell drills. This extensive on-court demonstration contains drills for numerous offensive sets you can apply directly--or easily adapt--to your own philosophy and sets.

With each drill, Procopio begins by teaching the first scoring option and then building it out to cover all ensuing options. This makes it easy for your players to understand your team's offensive strategy and grow an individual repertoire of skills.

Beginning with Pin Down screens, your players will learn to immediately read the defense's actions and either score or hit the appropriate next option. Whether it's an open jump shot, a fade off the screen, backdoor action or a drive and kick, each option is demonstrated for you.

In addition to Pin Downs, Procopio covers Cross Screens, UCLA cuts, Horns, Wide Pin Downs, Transition Quick Hitters, Floppy, Zipper, and Side Pick and Rolls. Each of these principles is taught step-by-step and in 3-on-0 and 4-on-0 settings.

In transition, Procopio uses 2-on-0 player action to demonstrate how your players should feed the post, post up and how to cut once the ball has been entered into the post. He outlines three basic principles every post player should know, demonstrates every angle, screen, and cut your post players can make while posting up out of transition, and then demonstrates how to execute a pass, dribble motion, or attacking look while in the post.

Coach Procopio uses the popular pick and roll action that is widely used today and teaches you how to effectively move and interact coming off of the screen. He teaches your guards how to set up their man and run them into a screen coming off of the wing, and demonstrates such scoring options as a pick and pop, pick and roll, pick and skip, and pick and attack.

In all of these segments, Procopio goes through multiple ways to beat the defense. A constant emphasis in all drills is good footwork, hard cuts, movement off the pass, using the appropriate pass for the situation, coming off screens, reading the defense, taking angles, good positioning, change of pace and direction, and spacing on the court.

You can teach not only movements and plays, but improve your players' skill sets in the same drills. With coach Procopio's breakdown drills and insight, your teams will be able to run multi-faceted offenses with a great understanding of the game. 116 minutes. 2013. DVD.

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