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Don Showalter: Practice Drills to Build a Defensive Mindset

Don Showalter: Practice Drills to Build a Defensive Mindset

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with Don Showalter, Iowa City (IA) High School Head Coach; USA Development Coach; co-recipient of the 2013 USA Basketball Developmental Coach of the Year award (this was the fifth-straight year he was named the USA Basketball Developmental Coach of the Year); 2012 United States Olympic Committee's (USOC) Volunteer Coach of the Year award; led Team USA to the Gold Medal at the 2013 FIBA Americas U16 Championships; 5x Gold Medalist for USA Basketball (2009-2013), Undefeated in Medal Play (2009-2013), 500+ career wins

This 75-minute on-court demonstration contains basketball drills and knowledge every high school coach should keep in his life-long learning folder.

Legendary USA Youth Basketball Coach Don Showalter breaksdown the steps to building a half-court and full-court pressure defense. As Showalter takes you through the progression of drills you get a great understanding of how complex simplicity can be. You will see firsthand all the drills that have made his high school and USA basketball teams successful on defense.

Within this DVD he also gives a ton of valuable drills and advice to help any coach at any level begin the process of developing a foundation for success. Coach Showalter sets the bar when it comes to winning as he has guided USA Basketball to a historic winning percentage of .861% and a 31-5 record achieving four gold medals for team USA.

Coach Showalter begins this on court presentation with the "Top Ten Mistakes That Coaches Make." This key to coaching is quite valuable and will make any coach take a look at themselves before they begin their next practice. His "Keys to Success" are also important for all coaches to hear and think about. He then presents the progression of fundamental drills that he has used through the years to help his teams have success. These drills force the players to do things right throughout practice, which usually leads to them doing things right in games. Each drill presented starts out in real basic forms so that coach can teach the players the correct way to perform the essential skill being taught.

Coach Showalter will detail the three most important aspects of any defensive system: position, awareness, and alertness. He guides you through the defensive progressions he uses to build a fundamentally sound full and half-court defense. He uses on court demonstrators to show you warm-up drills that set the tone for his practices every day while working on communication and position.

Once your foundation has been set, Coach Showalter takes you to the next level in pressure defense as he teaches on ball pressure, communication, and trapping situations that you can put right into a successful pressure defensive system. Showalter demonstrates how to effectively teach position and footwork as your players work to smother their opponents. He provides you with competitive cone drills and cutthroat competitions that will engage your players and push them out of their comfort zones.

Coach Showalter's experience and knowledge of the game will help mold and shape your coaching philosophy and program expectations. He is one of the best defensive minded coaches and his pressure defense DVD is great for any coach looking to improve their defensive philosophy.

Produced at the Spring 2012 Verona (NY) clinic. 77 minutes. 2013.