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Shaka Smart: Havoc Pressure Defense

Shaka Smart: Havoc Pressure Defense

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with Shaka Smart, Virginia Commonwealth University Head Coach; 2011 Clarence Gaines National Coach of the Year. 2011 Final Four appearance. Four 27-win seasons (2009-2013).

Pressure defense is a critical component of Coach Smart's Havoc style of play. More than just occasionally running a press, Havoc begins with a mindset, a philosophy and values.

With Coach Smart's defensive system, you can trap your opponents anywhere on the court and force them to play at an up-tempo pace. In this instructional video, Coach Smart breaks down the two full-court presses that allowed his team to lead the nation in steals and turnover margin in the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons. He also shares the five core values that go hand-in-hand with Havoc and have made his teams successful.

On the court, Smart demonstrates the simple yet vital concept of how to trap. Learn how to close out correctly to the ball handler, force an obvious pass, and be "elastic" in the trap. He also provides off-the-ball directions. Smart stresses proper distance between your man and the ball, shares insights into the value of proper foot and hand fakes, and gets energized by players' willingness to get back-tips while running the press.

Smart walks players through their responsibilities for the "Double Fist" Man-to-Man Press. These examples are clear and concise and show each step, so any coach can put in this pressure defense.

Smart also teaches his version of the Diamond Press. This 1-2-1-1 attack creates great opportunities to force your opponents into bad spots. Traps come quick and easy; offenses are forced to pass to players they don't want handling the ball.

This season, wreak havoc on your opponents. Install one of the great pressure-defensive systems in basketball today-the same system that took Shaka Smart to the Final Four. Order now! 72 minutes. 2013.

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