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Tim Miles: Developing a Winning Culture with Competitive Practice Drills

Tim Miles: Developing a Winning Culture with Competitive Practice Drills

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University of Nebraska Head Coach Tim Miles has won over 250 collegiate games, has taken his team to the NCAA tournament, and has been selected Coach of the Year by both the BIg Ten and CBS Sportsline.

In this DVD, Coach Tim Miles shares his innovative approach to coaching as well as the drills he uses in practices. These offensive and defensive drills are presented with on court demonstrations, in both the full and half court settings. These drills have helped him build successful teams from formerly below average programs. He emphasizes how the drills are used to teach specific aspects of the game, including half court offense, transition, half court defense and full court pressure defense.

Coach Miles begins his instruction with a brief discussion of hoe he has changed the culture of the programs that he leads. The first step is to ask yourself the questions that will help you assess your program and develop a plan for change. Next. Miles gives you nine practice drills with variations to teach the skills that your players need the most. Each drill will help instill good habits in your players as well as get them thinking about offensive and defensive actions. In addition, these drills will promote conditioning and alertness.

The 2-on-2 drills will teach your players how to make good decisions in transition, read screens, and defensive drills that teach your players how to stay out of foul trouble. The 3-on-3 drills incorporate creative ways to feed the post and rebound. The 4-on-4 drills use the entire floor and stress how to move without the ball plus maximizing your dribble against pressure defense.

Coach Miles likes to push his teams harder than they have ever been pushed before. Practices should reflect the pace of games. This includes everything from warmup through overtime. This DVD will be a great asset to any coach looking for the keys to building a great program. 84 minutes. 2013.

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