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Terry Layton: Plays, Drills, and Concepts from Around the World

Terry Layton: Plays, Drills, and Concepts from Around the World

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with Terry Layton, Nike Scout and International Consultant for Latin America, 300+ Wins at the High School, Junior College and College level in the U.S., 300+ wins at the International level, Nike Talent Scout for Latin America, International work with Athletes in Action

In this instructional DVD, world-renowned basketball coach Terry Layton discusses the international style of basketball, focusing on how this style differs from the American game.

Coach Layton discusses how soccer has helped international players to understand spacing and how they use that knowledge to create better scoring opportunities around the rim.

Coach Layton uses on-court demonstrations to teach spacing in the internationally successful Magnano Flex. By creating more spacing on the floor, the Magnano Flex keeps the defense from sitting by the basket defending against your cuts around the rim.

Learn how to neutralize the first defender back in transition defense to create scoring advantages for your team. By using this attacking concept, international coaches create an aggressive transition game that any coach can use in their primary and secondary break.

If you're looking for sideline out-of-bounds plays or set plays, Coach Layton details a Yugoslavian play that incorporates screening action in the post, away from the ball. You will also learn a new offensive action catching fire in international basketball: screen, pick, pick, pop, and roll.

With each concept, Coach Layton demonstrates practice drills that will help players understand the movements and actions they can use to break down and defeat any defensive player.

Coach Layton provides the knowledge and expertise you need to effectively implement concepts that are proving successful with teams all over the world.

Produced at the Spring 2013 Las Vegas (NV) clinic. 57 minutes. 2013.

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