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Lon Kruger's Offensive Playbook

Lon Kruger's Offensive Playbook

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with Lon Kruger, University of Oklahoma Head Coach; Former Atlanta Hawks (NBA) Head Coach, Former University of Nevada-Las Vegas Head Coach; back-to-back Mountain West Conference Tournament champions; 2008 Mountain West Conference Coach of the Year; over 400 victories; one of three coaches in NCAA history to win at least one game in the NCAA tournament with four different schools

Successful D-1 and NBA coach Lon Kruger showcases his ability to build strong offensive players. In this high energy, on-court presentation, Coach Kruger shares the details of numerous offensive philosophies, including man-to-man offense, zone, press breaks and the transition game. You are sure to walk away with multiple concepts that can be implemented into your next practice.

Coach Kruger's on-court presentation includes:

  • The 4-second transition
  • Multiple options for the first wave in transition
  • Game-like pressure shooting drills
  • Secondary transition options
  • Effective use of the pick-and-roll
  • Baseline out-of-bounds play
  • Several zone offense plays
  • Breaking the press
  • End-of-game situation with six seconds and two seconds on the clock

This DVD is packed with effective, straightforward drills and teaching points for players and coaches alike. Learn the intricacies of proper timing and angles for pick-and-rolls, set-ups to use for specific zone defenses, and much, much more.

With Lon Kruger's complete offense package, your team will be prepared to attack any man or zone defense.

Produced at the Spring 2013 Las Vegas (NV) clinic. 77 minutes. 2013.

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