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All-Access Oklahoma Men's Basketball Practice with Jeff Capel

All-Access Oklahoma Men's Basketball Practice with Jeff Capel

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with Jeff Capel, Duke University Assistant Coach; former University of Oklahoma Head Coach; 2009 NCAA Elite Eight 

Now you have an All Access pass to see how Jeff Capel and the Oklahoma Sooners prepare for the 2010-11 season. Throughout his three practices Coach Capel stresses the importance of pushing the ball in transition, turning up the pressure on defense and executing on every possession on the offensive end.

Pre-Practice & Film Room:

The players take the court with multiple ball handling exercises working on changing speed and direction while emphazining staying low to be more explosive, having your head up to see the floor and finishing strong.

The players head to the film session prior to practice allowing the coaches to break down areas that need improvement in the early season. Capel stresses the importance of jumping to the ball on defense, full-court pressure and allowing no easy catches for the offense.

Shooting Drills: Capel's drills are designed to play at an up-tempo style of play replicating game situations. With the Full-Court shooting drill three players are constantly pushing the ball up and down the court receiving passes for game shots. Breaking up the monotony during practice, the team breaks down into pairs and begins working on jump shots and one dribble jumpers. Mixed group shooting allows for the guards and big men to work together on shooting off dribble exchanges, the secondary break and their pin-down series. These breakdown drills teach the proper techniques of how to receive and down screen, proper movement, rejecting and taking ball screens on the perimeter and post positioning. Coach Capel also teaches proper footwork with jab steps series against a mock defender.

Defensive System: The main point of emphasis in the pre-season is the implementation of their match-up zone. Watch how Capel and staff build the match-up zone from a shell format to a full 5-on-5 full court live scrimmage. Learn how Capel's zone applies pressure on the basketball, takes away the corner drives and covers the elbow and supports help side defense. See the "41 Hot" press that puts pressure on the teams ball handlers in the full-court forcing the ball to poor ball handler.

Transition Offense: Observe the way the up-tempo style is put into effect with structured principles. With drills varying from 3-on-3 Full Court to a 5-on-5 Full Court Transition Build-Up, the players learn to take shots in rhythm at game speed. Examine the multiple secondary breaks that Capel teaches and the reads off of each one including: Bounce, Slice, Flex, Post and Corner.

Out of Bounds Series: Capel shows both his "Regular" and "Box" series that he has used since his days with the Duke Blue Devils. He demonstrates four plays from out of bounds showing multiple options out of each quick hitter and a counter for each one.

This DVD is a great addition to any coaching all-access library. With Coach Capel's eye for detail and executing correct basketball fundamentals, you will learn what it takes to compete in the Big 12 and the NCAA tournament. 358 minutes (3 DVDs). 2011. DVD.