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Best of the Best Wrestling Series Featuring Ed Ruth

Best of the Best Wrestling Series Featuring Ed Ruth

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Featuring Ed Ruth, Penn State's first and only 3-time NCAA Champion

This three-video bundle features:

Ed Ruth Takedowns

Ed Ruth shows set-ups, takedowns, and finishes that he used to dominate his opponents! His instruction covers:

  • Level Change
  • Collar Ties
  • High Crotch technique
  • Sweep Single
  • Snap Downs
  • Snap Down to Craddle
  • Arm Drags
  • Fireman's Carry
  • Peak Outs
  • and more!

42 minutes + bonus features. 2014.

Ed Ruth - Riding and Pinning

2014 U.S. World Team member Ed Ruth presents the top position techniques that helped him claim three NCAA titles. He covers more than 15 techniques, including crossface cradles, 2-on-1 roll through tilt, the Ruth Ride, The Ruth Cradle, Easton tilt and more. You'll also see how Ruth defends cradle and helf nelsons.

29 minutes. 2014.

Ed Ruth - Escapes and Reversals

Ed Ruth shows you how to stay in great position on bottom and score a 5 point reversal that could lead to a Pin! Ed also shows cutting edge techniques that he used to reverse and escape from even toughest opponents! He demonstrates over 10 techniques to score from the bottom position. You'll see:

  • Stand-up Technique
  • Switch
  • Granby Roll
  • Peterson Roll
  • defense to legs, cross wrist and lifts
  • and more

In addition, Ruth covers 12 strength and quickness exercises he uses.

39 minutes. 2014.