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The Best of Championship Productions: 30 Attacking Drills

The Best of Championship Productions: 30 Attacking Drills

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The best skills, drills and techniques for attacking - all packed into one star-studded video.

featuring drills from Kirsten Berenthal Booth, John Dunning, Kevin Hambly, Dennis Hohenshelt, Jim Moore, Russ Rose and Bond Shymansky

  • Discover 30 drills from seven of the nation's top collegiate volleyball coaches that teach every aspect of the offensive attack
  • Learn how to generate power on the approach for all types of attacks
  • Learn how to run various play sets to become less predictable on offense

Compiled from Championship Productions' vast video library, this video is a collection of attacking drills from some of the best coaches in the business. You will learn how to teach basic attacking skills to advanced techniques. These world-class coaches will teach you arm swings, approaches, transitions, various types of attacks, combination attacks and attacking out-of-system.

The first section of the video features training on:

  • Arm Swing - After a basic introduction to the arm swing, the drills progress to more advanced skills including how to train different shots while focusing only on the arm swing. With these drills, you'll be able to teach hitters how to hit to different areas of the court.
  • Approach - Covered are the basics of the two-, three- and four-step approaches. Also included are the coaches' thoughts on the importance of the approach and how to address the common mistakes you might see your players make.
  • Transition - Discover drills that combine the arm swing and approach at a more game-like pace. These drills teach hitters how to use their footwork to transition to the right spots on the court for more powerful approaches. If hitters don't transition properly, they will not get the most out of each hit. The "Transition Attack Drill" will help your middles understand how to come off of the net after a block no matter where they are, getting them in prime position to attack.

The next portion of the video will teach you how to coach players to hit different types of sets. These drills work on various attacks for both outside and middle hitters. The attacks demonstrated in these drills are faster-paced and work best for more experienced teams. You will learn how to train the A, B, C, quick and slide sets. Many of these drills focus on the slide attack, a move gaining popularity in today's game.

The last segment is for higher-level teams that are looking to make their offense more difficult to defend. Various attacks are put together in play sets, and you'll learn how to train different offensive plays in combination. The play sets are explained and demonstrated so you can understand which player is responsible for hitting every set. This section also includes drills that teach hitters to score more by using their vision to attack around or off of blockers' hands. The peripheral vision and shovel drills in this section are great ways to teach strategy to your hitters and help them become more effective.

Even the most experienced coaches will benefit from the attacking drills presented in this video. All players can benefit from the skills and techniques provided by these world-class coaches. This product will benefit any coach who wants to help their hitters maximize their potential.

95 minutes. 2015.