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The Best of Championship Productions: 40 Linebacker Drills

The Best of Championship Productions: 40 Linebacker Drills

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Learn go-to drills used in practice by the nation's top programs to develop smart, skilled linebackers with big play potential
  • Learn techniques and drills to disengage from various blocking combinations, allowing your linebackers to make tackles
  • Learn drills for inside and outside linebackers, and even and odd structured defenses (4-4, 4-3, 3-4 and the 5-2)
  • Get read drills so your linebackers can get to the football quickly and attack downhill to stuff even the best running attack


  • Bryan Collins
  • George Ricumstrict
  • Hunter Hughes
  • Kirk McBride
  • Mike Dewitt
  • Mike Tressel
  • Neal Neathery
  • Rick Stewart
  • Tim Murphy
  • Todd Norman
  • Vernon Hargreaves

The heart of any defense starts with the linebackers, and Championship Productions has complied 40 of the best drills from some of the top college and high school coaches in the nation. Each coach uses practice video and explains critical teaching points that will help make your linebackers into run-stuffing machines.

Regardless of your defensive scheme, this video covers drills that are essential for success at the linebacker position. You'll find drills that cover every scenario needed to succeed in today's game: footwork drills, read & flow drills, pass & break drills, goal line tackling drills, shed block drills, can drills, cut back drills, gap responsibility drills and more. Additionally, you'll learn how to teach proper stance and angles to your players. Multiple drills on each skill are shown, making it easy to develop a well-rounded linebacker.

A few examples of the drills include:

  • Goal Line Tackling Drill - Coach Hunter Hughes talks about how to create a proper attack angle to get up field and stunt the ball carrier in a tight space. He points out the most common mistakes linebackers make and how to fix them to achieve greater tackling success, which will prevent ball carriers from advancing into the end zone or spinning out of tackles.
  • Angle Read & Flow Drill - Coach Vernon Hargreaves dissects how to get your linebackers going downhill while maintaining a power angle, move face across, square up & explode through the ball carrier with continuous feet. He also shows multiple variations and how to implement different strategies if your athletes struggle with certain aspects of getting downhill and angled tackling.
  • Pass Re-Route/Match Drill - Coach Mike Tressel breaks down how to teach linebackers the fundamentals for reacting to various route combinations as well as matching the route. This teaches players a few things: how to sit on a route, not fall for the initial moves and keep receivers from coming inside and clearing underneath. He also highlights tactics for teaching linebackers how to defend the wheel route by boxing out the receiver/back, then looking back for the incoming pass. Another important situation to defend is not panicking if your linebackers loses leverage and gets into a chase angle. Coach Tressel will help you teach your linebackers how to play the receiver or back's hands to defend the deep pass.

    Instead of getting one video and information from one coach, this video allows you to pick up techniques and coaching points from a variety of great coaches. It's like getting a personal invitation to sit in on a variety of staff meetings with some of the nation's brightest coaching minds at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels!

    52 minutes. 2016.