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The Best of Championship Productions: 50 Pitching Drills for Softball

The Best of Championship Productions: 50 Pitching Drills for Softball

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The best softball pitching drills from Championship Productions' vast library - all in one place!
  • Help your players improve their mechanics and correct common problems
  • Improve pitching speed, power and ball movement
  • Includes conditioning drills to prepare your pitchers for the rigors of a full game


  • Jen Rocha, University of Florida Assistant Coach
  • Boo Gillette, University of Arkansas Assistant Coach
  • John Tschida, University of St. Thomas Head Coach
  • Kyla Holas, University of Houston Head Coach
  • Beth Torina, Louisiana State University Head Coach
  • Melyssa Lombardi, University of Oklahoma Assistant Coach
  • Barb Sherwood, Portland State Head Coach

Softball teams rely on the performance of their pitching staff to put them in a position to win championships. See how the nation's best pitching coaches get the most out of their pitchers and develop championship-caliber pitches.

The drills in this video offer a sampling from the best minds in pitching and cover the full range of mechanics, movement pitches, and building speed and power. These drills provide a solid foundation for coaches who aren't pitching specialists to establish regular workouts for their pitchers to keep them at the top of their game.

Everyday Drills and Corrective Action Drills

Pitching training is heavy on repeated drill work to maintain and perfect mechanics. These 10 introductory drills can serve as teaching drills for younger developing pitchers or reinforcement drills for advanced pitchers. The 9 corrective action drills are great tools for helping the developing pitcher correct flaws and reinforce proper mechanics for intermediate and advanced pitchers. Drills cover:

  • Body and arm position.
  • Proper footwork, timing and sequencing
  • Use of the lower half to build speed

Drills for the Movement pitches

Movement is an important key to success in the pitching circle. You'll get several drills for every moving pitch to refine and enhance your pitcher's spin mechanics. body positioning and pitch performance. These drill are best suited for intermediate to advanced pitchers who know the basics of how to throw the pitch. Included are:

  • Two drills that will develop a change-up that will make batters' knees buckle
  • Four drills for a curve that will frustrate hitters
  • Nine drills to develop the prized strikeout pitch - the rise ball
  • Four drills to get more ground balls with the drop
  • Four drills to keep batters unsettled with the screw

Drills for Speed and Power Development

Every pitcher needs to develop the stamina and conditioning to pitch their full allotment of innings while also enhancing the speed of their pitches. The coaches provide a variety of drills to keep your pitchers on their toes and developing without getting bored. Skills taught include:

  • Leg strength and explosiveness
  • Technique to capture the full power of the athlete
  • Endurance and the explosive power needed to pitch

Through the fast-paced sequence of drills, you will jump from one expert coach to another and learn their differences in training style and communication to their pitchers. This can help you learn differing styles for dealing with your own pitching staff.

Your pitchers will benefit greatly from what these great coaches have to offer. From mechanics to executing specific pitches, this video offers drills to work on every aspect of pitching.

69 minutes. 2016.