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The Best of Championship Productions: 50 Slap Hitting Drills for Softball

The Best of Championship Productions: 50 Slap Hitting Drills for Softball

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Get your fastest players on base more often
  • Develop your slap hitters' footwork to the ball and out of the box
  • Train your slappers how to stay on path when facing different types of pitches and locations
  • Keep the defense off balance using three types of slaps and effective placement


  • Sharonda McDonald, University of Florida Assistant Coach; 2012 NPF Golden Spikes Award,  2005 NCAA Division I Softball Golden Shoe Award, All-Time Leader in stolen bases and runs scored at Texas A&M
  • Stacey Gemeinhardt-Cesler, Iowa State University Head Softball Coach, 2 time Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association Coach of the Year, 2 time MVP for Missouri earning all-region honors three times
  • Kyla Holas, University of Houston Head Coach, 2x Conference USA Coach of the Year, Holds the record for most wins in conference history at 475, 3x All American at Louisiana-Lafayette
  • Christina Sutcliffe, Northern Illinois University Head Coach; back-to-back MAC Tournament runners-up (2013-14)
  • Ehren Earleywine, University of Missouri Head Softball Coach; 3 WCWS appearances; his teams ranked in top 10 for the last 7 seasons; a career winning percentage of .743 making him the 13th-winningest coach in NCAA Division I history 
  • Yvette Healy, University of Wisconsin Head Coach; 2013 Big Ten Tournament Champions; four straight 30-win seasons (2011-14); 2007 Horizon Coach of the Year; 2x All American at DePaul University

The slap is a powerful weapon in softball, and great slappers can leave even the strongest defenses scratching their heads.

Championship Productions has complied the best slap hitting drills in its video library into one great video featuring six of the nation's most respected instructors. This video provides drills to make your slappers more consistent and more dangerous to the defense.

Placing the Ball

To be effective at slapping, your players must be able to hit the ball in the proper direction with the right level of force. This section provides 13 tee drills to isolate different parts of the slap and perfect mechanics. Follow up with 11 front toss drills, where slappers can practice their mechanics with a timing component.

Getting Out of the Box

Slap hitting is predicated on speed. You'll learn how to gain first step quickness out of the box. The coaches will also teach you how to stay on the fastest path from home to first. These drills will get your slappers to base while giving the defense minimal time to react.

Power and Soft Slap

Great slappers keep the defense off balance. To do so, they utilize multiple hitting options. The more tools your slappers have in their tool box, the more successful they'll be.

  • Power Slap - See eight drills that will help the slapper learn to drive the ball through the infield.
  • Soft Slap - The coaches offer six drills to develop the soft slap to push the ball into 5-6 hole if the defense makes the mistake of playing back on the slapper.


    Bunting is an important weapon to have for a player with speed. Seven bunting drills will help your slappers place each bunt with perfect placement to confuse the defense.

    From the mechanics of slapping to different kinds of slaps, you'll get the tools you need to effectively develop your slap hitters. The 50 drills in this video break down how to control placement of the ball and explosion from the box, allowing your players' speed to overcome even the strongest defense.

    72 minutes. 2016.