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The Best of Championship Productions: 70 Pitching Drills for Baseball

The Best of Championship Productions: 70 Pitching Drills for Baseball

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Get 70 of the most effective pitching drills available from the nation's top coaches
  • Learn drills for developing arm strength, troubleshooting mechanics, controlling base runners and developing pitcher defense
  • Get effective drill progressions for warm-ups, bullpen work, game situations and more - for any age group
  • Learn different approaches to teaching pitching, from basic mechanics to in-game situations


  • Scott Forbes, University of North Carolina Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach
  • Derek Johnson, Chicago Cubs Minor League Pitching Coordinator; former Vanderbilt University Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach
  • Andy Lopez, former University of Arizona Head Coach
  • Randy Mazey, West Virginia University Head Coach
  • Chris Sinacori, Peoria Mariners Pitching Coach (Seattle Mariners Rookie League affiliate)
  • Eric Valenzuela, San Diego State University Pitching Coach
  • Roger Williams, University of Louisville Assistant Coach / Pitching Coach
  • Mike Woods, Hamilton (AZ) HS Head Coach

Pitching is the most crucial part of a baseball team. The team's competitiveness and ability to win games will be affected by the team's pitching. Through this compilation of different videos offered by Championship Productions, you will find many drills for developing effective, strong pitchers that can throw strikes, control the base running game and defend in crucial situations.

The video is comprised of 70 drills in the following categories: warm-up sequence, throwing, flat ground work, mechanics drills, running game control, defense and total body strength.

Breakdown of Categories

Learn how to progress effectively in practices and development of pitchers by using the following sequence of drills.

  • Warm-up Sequence: Pitchers conduct tubing exercises to loosen their arms, shoulders and core. Next, they run poles (foul line to foul line) to break a sweat for the body to begin working on throwing.
  • Throwing: Pitchers work on their throws and mechanical balance during this segment. Using wrist throws, pitchers learn to follow through on their throws to the plate. In this segment, pitchers go through bullpen sessions for feel, conduct several long toss drills for arm strength and accuracy, and work on their mechanics in a group setting, offsetting the need for catchers.
  • Flat Ground Work: Pitchers work on their pitching from flat ground, trying to gain more of a feel and thus only using about 50 to 70% of their ability. In this segment, athletes go through different sequences of bullpen sessions, highlighted by the singles drill. In the drill, pitchers throw four pitch sets for six repetitions, working on their full windup and stretch setups. Pointers are given on how to quickly warm up a bullpen pitcher.
  • Mechanics Drills: During this segment, pitchers work on their mechanics using several dry drills. An effective and useful drill is the stick drill, where a wooden dowel is used to work on the throwing motion. This drill is great for group settings or where practice space is limited.
  • Running Game Control: This segment of the video focuses on many drills for pick-offs and controlling the running game. The turn out pick-off to second is addressed, which is a great pick-off (especially for youth baseball) that is not taught as much as it should be. You'll learn that controlling the running game is important, but the vital part of pitching is focusing on the batter.
  • Defense: You'll learn effective bunt defense and double plays for pitchers. This video gives several pointers, especially on pitchers working with catchers and team defense on bunt defense.
  • Total Body Strength: This section focuses on developing core and leg strength. Wall jumps are suggested as a drill to develop leg strength. This drill can be done outside and without a gym. You'll be able to develop mechanics, mental aptitude, and grit along with strength in a well-organized practice.

This great compilation of pitching drills provides a comprehensive approach to developing successful pitchers. Teams of any level will benefit from 70 quality drills to develop, troubleshoot and strengthen any pitching staff.

"As someone who has purchased the majority of the videos in this compilation, this is a great reference to compile all the videos into one. As a coach on a tight budget, this video is one I would recommend to any of my colleagues and league boards. You get all the great points into one video. Furthermore, you see which coach you like and purchase their videos. So it's a great sampler or reference point for any coach" - Customer Review

99 minutes. 2016.