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Bill Fennelly: Offensive Breakdown Drills and Skill Development

Bill Fennelly: Offensive Breakdown Drills and Skill Development

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  • Learn how to get your players to move on offense in relation to the movement of the ball
  • Discover drills that provide situational free throw scenarios to apply at the beginning, middle and end of practice
  • Get drills for training your players to play through contact and finish at the rim
  • Learn creative practice drills for shooting - even off of out-of-bounds plays

with Bill Fennelly, Iowa State University Head Women's Coach;
over 500 career wins; 2x Big 12 Conference Champs; 2x Elite Eight appearances; 3x finalist for the Naismith Coach of the Year Award; USA Basketball Head Coach at the 2011 World University Games (gold medal)

In this on-court presentation, two-time Elite Eight coach Bill Fennelly takes you through the finer points of player development on the offensive end of the court and provides a wealth of knowledge to further develop your players during the season.

This presentation is filled with skills and drills that will help your team individually and as a unit. You'll see drills that focus on developing more than one specific skill, which will allow you to maximize your practice time. Coach Fennelly's instruction will teach you how to:

  • emphasize pressure free throw shooting
  • eliminate costly turnovers by focusing on taking care of the ball
  • enhance players' ability to attack and finish at the rim versus contact
  • increase scoring proficiency with 10 shooting drills that can be modified depending on the time available and the types of shots you want players to take
  • play with spacing in your offense to open lanes for dribble penetration and post feeds that put pressure on the defense

And more!

This presentation gives you a toolbox of great drills that can be used in any game situation.

Produced at the Fall 2013 Omaha (NE) clinic.

70 minutes. 2015.