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Billy Seals: Multiple Defense from an Odd Stack Front

Billy Seals: Multiple Defense from an Odd Stack Front

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  • Learn how to build a line that can defend a variety of offenses, attack from multiple angles and is hard to prepare for
  • Get techniques to disguise your fronts and coverages within the odd stack
  • Learn how to implement an attack and read four-man front to confuse the offense

with Billy Seals, Huntington (WV) High School Head Coach; Class 3A West Virginia State Runner-Up

Get your team ready to present a unique front this season. Coach Billy Seals shares effective, creative schemes to make your defense multiple within the odd stack. With the evolution of the spread offense, it is vital to not only be able to defend the run but to cover every inch of the field, as well. With the odd stack, a coach can stretch the field defensively to cover a variety of passing concepts and spread running game. However, you still need multiple fronts to stop the power run, which is why Coach Seals continues to develop them from his odd stack.

Coach Seals explains the variety of blitzes and combinations he uses to create relentless pressure on the opposing offense. He uses diagrams to breakdown all of the finer points that allow the odd stack to become multiple in nature and disguise various coverages and pressure packages. He supplements his diagrams with film to show how his schemes are successfully implemented in a game.

If you are an odd stack defense looking to show multiple schemes then Coach Seals offers the package you need this season. Using this scheme, Coach Seals transformed Huntington High School (WV) from a 0-10 record in his first year to playing in the state championship game five short years later. With this information, you'll be able to defend various personnel packages while still creating relentless pressure on the offensive front and quarterback.

Produced at the 2014 Louisville Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

49 minutes. 2015.