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Bob Huggins Open Practice 2-Pack

Bob Huggins Open Practice 2-Pack

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featuring Bob Huggins,
West Virginia University Head Coach;
2015 Big-12 Coach of the Year; 2015 Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year;
over 765 career wins; C-USA Coach of the Decade

This two-video set includes:

Open Practice: Defensive Drills for Creating Turnovers

Turn up the pressure, force more turnovers, and disrupt your opponent's offensive attack

  • Lock down the entire court using breakdown drills for installing your man-to-man press defense
  • Learn a series of defensive breakdown drills to adjust your defensive positioning from help to denial
  • Develop the specific skills your post and perimeter players need to play great defense

111 minutes. 2015.

Open Practice: 5-Man Spread Motion Offense

Create and attack seams in your opponent's defense using screens and constant cutting action

  • Discover individual break down drills for correcting spacing, angles and footwork
  • Perfect the timing needed to efficiently run 5-out motion
  • Develop critical post skills such as slips, reverse pivots and game shots

97 minutes. 2015.