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Brenda Frese Open Practice Series

Brenda Frese Open Practice Series

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Featuring Brenda Frese,
University of Maryland Head Womens Coach;
Back-to-Back Final Four appearances (2014-15);
2006 National Champions; 2002 AP National Coach of the Year; 4x Conference Coach of the Year

This three-video set features:

Open Practice: Man-to-Man & Zone Offenses

Create mismatches and attack defenses using an up-tempo offense designed to score early and often

  • Discover four sets that feature multiple quick hitters and lead into continuity options
  • Train your players to consistently score in advantage situations
  • Learn set plays for picking apart man-to-man and zone defenses

160 minutes (2 DVDs). 2015.

Open Practice: Offensive Breakdowns and Drills

Break down and refine your ball screen offense with position-specific skill development drills

  • Get breakdown drills for simulating and repping game shots
  • Train your players to create and make plays in the post
  • Consistently beat pressure defense by developing crisp ball handling and passing skills

118 minutes. 2015.

Open Practice: Man-to-Man Defense Drills

Develop a defense that applies great ball pressure, stops dribble penetration and fights through screens

  • Train your team to effectively defend on-ball screens and four types of off-ball screens
  • Refine your players' defensive technique to create more aggressive close-outs on perimeter shooters
  • Utilize shell drills and defensive stations to emphasize techniques such as shading to the sideline/baseline and help defense positioning

"If you're looking for a video that is specific to defending screening actions, this is a top-notch title. The station work for defending screens makes this a must purchase if you play man-to-man defense." - Customer review

93 minutes. 2015.