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Brian Jean-Mary: Zone Blitz Scheme vs. Spread Offense

Brian Jean-Mary: Zone Blitz Scheme vs. Spread Offense

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Slow down high-octane spread offenses with these disruptive zone blitz schemes, stunts and alignments
  • Learn how to use the "under key" to improve your linebackers' chances of making the play
  • Learn blitzes for even and odd fronts
  • Learn the importance of reading and understanding the four flows (direct, fast, slow, and split)

with Brian Jean-Mary,
University of Texas Assistant Coach/Linebackers;
formerly at the University of Louisville Assistant Coach

Being able to slow down high-powered offenses is a continuing challenge for defensive coordinators. Former Louisville Assistant Coach and current Texas assistant Brian Jean-Mary shows how to turn the tables, making an offensive coordinator struggle with getting the ball out of their QBs' hands.

His exotic schemes take the competitive advantage away from the offense by applying constant pressure with multiple zone blitz schemes.

Coach Jean-Mary begins with his game plan philosophy. He discusses how to apply pressure using various strategies, including plugging linebackers into the defensive front to confuse the offensive line. He also addresses the importance of remembering your gap responsibilities.

The presentation then moves into the pressure department. Defensive line and linebacker stunts are broken down in detail. Pre-snap reads and alignments to disguise the blitz and coverage are shown. Proper flow is vital for success in this zone-blitzing scheme. Coach Jean-Mary teaches you how to execute a split flow and fast flow based on how the offense attacks.

Coach Jean-Mary concludes his presentation by showing various zone blitz schemes, including:

  • Steeler - This is a zone blitz that brings two defenders in a strong-side zone blitz. The blitz is shown for the "Under" front before it's run from the 3-4 and the 3-5 defenses. He uses game video to demonstrate multiple ways to run the Steeler and to show how each front creates new problems for the offense.
  • Field Will - This zone blitz that attacks the "A gap" and brings pressure that is difficult to block out of the Under defense. Field Will frees up the three-technique defensive tackle, allowing him to make plays behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Advance your defensive scheme and slow down the high-octane spread offense you face with these innovative strategies.

    Produced at the 2013 Louisville Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

    52 minutes. 2016.