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Brian McMahon's Goal Scoring 3-Pack

Brian McMahon's Goal Scoring 3-Pack

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Featuring Brian McMahon,
Palm Beach Atlantic University Head Coach;
2015 NCAA Elite Eight and NCAA South Region Champions, 2014 NCCAA Final Four and NCCAA South Region Champions, 2012 NAIA National Champions, 2012 NSCAA and the NAIA National Coach of the Year, over 300 wins at the collegiate coaching level

This three-video series includes:

Switching the Point of Attack

Create quick touches, quick changes, and lots of offense!

  • Train your players to move the ball quickly in possession, then switch the attack to open up space
  • Focus on playing the ball quickly on the ground and across the field to create a numbers advantage
  • Learn how to keep moving the ball to isolate defenders in 1v1 situations

58 minutes. 2016.

Small-Sided Transition Games Progressing to Goal

Get individual and team training activities that promote an attacking, up-tempo style of play

  • Learn small sided games to train your team to quickly switch into attacking or defensive transition
  • Learn technical exercises for developing quick combinations and ball circulation
  • Learn how to teach your players the proper timing and runs off the ball

64 minutes. 2016.

Combination Play and Finishing Exercises on Goal

Learn passing and combination patterns for finishing on goal

  • Learn shooting exercises that help players use combinations to get a shot off in front of the net
  • Learn the Wine Glass drill to help players succeed in combination play
  • Teach your players how to make good decisions when attacking with numbers up

61 minutes. 2016.