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Bullpen to Ball Field: How to Prepare Pitchers for Game Day

Bullpen to Ball Field: How to Prepare Pitchers for Game Day

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Competitive bullpen practice plans to engage your pitchers and prepare them for games
  • Create a game-like competitive bullpen practice plan and help pitchers deal with pressure and distractions
  • Teach your catcher how to effectively communicate with your pitcher
  • Increase your pitchers' fielding confidence with a pitcher's fielding practice plan

with Lonni Alameda,
Florida State University Head Coach;
Back-to-Back-to-Back ACC Coach of the Year (2013-15);
Back-to-Back ACC Champions (2014-15),
2014 Women's College World Series; three straight NCAA Super Regional appearances (2013-15)

As the head coach and pitching coach at Florida State, Lonni Alameda coached 2014 USA Softball National Player of the Year and two-time ACC Pitcher of the Year, Lacey Waldrop. Under Coach Alameda's guidance, Waldrop was a three-time All-American and finished in the top five all time on four different FSU pitching lists, including the all-time record for wins and third all time in strikeouts. She was the third overall pick in the 2015 National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) draft.

With offensive numbers continuing to increase at all levels of softball, pitchers are under attack. Successful teams need pitchers who can withstand the pressures of the position and catchers who can effectively communicate with the pitcher to make them better during games.

Lonni Alameda, Florida State University head coach, will show you how to structure your pitching practice to produce mentally tough pitchers who are ready to compete on the mound.

Bullpen Work

Bullpen work is vital for developing the relationship between the pitcher and catcher, which will help them become more successful together on the field. Coach Alameda introduces a four-step progression she uses with her pitchers, taking them from loosening up their arms to throwing pitches to mock batters with simulated counts and situations.

Throughout the pen work, Coach Alameda offers ways to get the catcher and pitcher on the same page while holding each other accountable so they can pull the best out of each other in the biggest moments of the game. Great communication is necessary to deliver the best performance, and you'll learn how to teach your catchers to effectively talk to your pitchers

Creating Competition

Coach Alameda introduces a "PIG" drill she uses with her pitchers to create competition and teach them to execute pitches under pressure. Each pitcher must throw a specified pitch to the desired location and match what the other pitcher has accomplished in the round. Opposing pitchers in the drill can try to distract each other, teaching the pitcher to focus in clutch situations.

Pitcher Fielding Practice

A pitcher who's great in the field can help take pressure off the rest of the defense by making plays on balls hit back up the middle. Coach Alameda works with her pitchers to develop them as the "fifth infielder." You'll be able to help your pitchers become more athletic and efficient fielders using proper footwork and throwing fundamentals.

Coach Alameda's pitching session shows you how to help your pitchers translate successful bullpen work into being dominant in the circle. Better pitching will lead to more success on the field for your team!

58 minutes. 2016.