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Cheerleading Best Sellers DVDs, Vol. 10

Cheerleading Best Sellers DVDs, Vol. 10

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Cheers And Chants, Volume 10 Cheerleading DVDs
with Mark Bagon - Iowa All-Stars

In Volume 10, Mark Bagon shares six cheers and 10 chants that are sure to help increase the quality of your cheer program. With each cheer and chant, you will see variations as well as two vantage points, front and back. All cheers and chants include detailed motion breakdowns. This presentation includes cheers and chants that include a solid mix for team motivation, game excitement, and crowd interaction. 19 minutes. 2008

Dances And Quick Dances, Volume 10
with Mark Bagon - Iowa All-Stars

This excellent dances and quick dances presentation includes three 8-8 dances and four 4-8 count dances. These dances are done with 2 counts so you can adapt them to your music. All four 4-8 quick dances are detailed step by step. Performers verbally take you through the dance slowly with detailed instructions. The same routine is followed with the four 8-8 count dances. Coach Bagon concludes each dance by counting as the performers perform the entire dance at regular speed. 39 minutes. 2008

Beginning Stunts, Volume 10
with Mark Bagon - Iowa All-Stars

In this DVD, coach Mark Bagon presents 12 beginning stunts that your squad can learn to improve their stunting skills and in turn greatly enhance their performances. Stunts included are: walk up prep, squished prep, water pump, hitch to extension, prep cradle, stair step to extension, water pump hitch, press extension, ground-up liberty and up and over to prep, hitch liberty, and half up prep. Coach Bagon breaks down the entire stunt and also breaks down the role of each individual involved in the stunt. Quality, safe stunting includes specific grips, precise movements that are detailed. Each stunt is easy to follow and identifies the teaching points that will allow you to teach and perform all of the stunts successfully. 26 minutes. 2008

Advanced Stunts, Volume 10
with Mark Bagon - Iowa All-Stars

In this advanced stunts DVD, cheer coach Mark Bagon takes you through 11 advanced stunts. Included are: splits to extension, splits to liberty, splits show and go to liberty, Arabesque, full down, single base toss liberty, heel stretch lean heel stretch, heal stretch lean to an Arabesque double down, scorpion to scale double down, the cyclone, the half and half, and backhand spring up to prep. Coach Bagon details the coaching techniques as his performers demonstrate the stunt. 24 minutes. 2008.

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Cheerleading Cheers Video
Increase the quality of your cheer program!
Cheerleading Dance DVDs
Includes three 8-8 dances and four 4-8 count dances!
Coaching Cheerleading
12 beginning stunts that your squad can learn!
Cheerleading Stunts Video
Learn 11 advanced stunts!


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