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Just For Kix Dance Routine Set

Just For Kix Dance Routine Set

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featuring Cindy Clough,
Just for Kix Executive Director,
Brainerd (MN) High School Dance Coach;
Directed and choreographed half-time performances at the Freedom Bowl, Hall of
Fame Bowl, Orange Bowl, Citrus Bowl and Outback Bowl.

Just For Kix presents 30 Techniques, Drills and Exercises for Your High Kick Routines

Get detailed the technique training, teaching tips, tricks and coaching wisdom you need to sharpen your performances! Noted dance instructor Cindy Clough brings more than 30 years of expertise to this DVD featuring technique, endurance, strength and flexibility for high kick dancing.

When it comes to technique, attention to detail can separate your squad from the pack. Clough teaches and demonstrates how to tighten connections, and provides drills and tips for making your movements sharp, quick and in synch.

Ten types of kicks are shown, from basic moves like the open kick and straight kick to more advanced moves like popping fans and the Just For Kix original Kixster Kick. Clough also shows common technique errors and things to look for that when corrected will sharpen your performance.

Make your routines look effortless. Clough advocates staying in great shape in order to be able to perform routines with stamina. Her dancers demonstrate a cardio endurance drill that simulates a performance without needing a fully choreographed routine. In addition, this drill saves practice time because you're working on endurance and dance technique at the same time.

Increase the power and height of your kicks and jumps and reduce injuries! Clough shares several drills and exercises designed to build strength in the quad muscles, glutes and core while reinforcing technique.

Learn advanced partner stretches to take your flexibility to the next level. Clough shares nearly 20 drills and stretching exercises to lengthen muscles and maximize your dancers' flexibility.

The excellent demonstrations on this dance rountine video will enable you to see exactly how each technique and drill should be performed. This dance DVD is the framework for teaching dancers great technique for high kicking! DVD. 42 minutes. 2010.

Just For Kix presents 30 Techniques, Drills and Exercises for Your Jazz Dance Routines

Cindy Clough and the Just for Kix team demonstrate and teach more than 20 turns, jumps and leaps you can use to add style and power to your routines. In each segment you will learn how to perform each move, common errors to look for and correct, and full speed and slow motion modeling of each turn, jump and leap.

Set the tone for your practices and performances with these tips from noted dance coach Cindy Clough. She discusses a variety of topics including how to prepare your dancers for the pressures of a competition, cleaning your routines and projecting power during a performance.

Just for Kix instructors provide detailed instruction on nine different turns, breaking down pivotal components to improve your turns.

Build the core strength you need to hit and hold your moves. Clough provides a core building drill you can use to create competition-like pressure during practice and ten ab exercises you can use to build core strength.

Improve your jumps with this in-depth instruction on 15 jumps and leaps.

This DVD provides tips and elements to help you improve the technical aspects of your teams jazz routines!! DVD. 58 minutes. 2010.



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