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65 Conditioning Exercises for Cheerleading

65 Conditioning Exercises for Cheerleading

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Get your squad fit while developing great cheer fundamentals! Stan Tabor teaches you more than 65 exercises and stretches in this library of conditioning exercises for cheerleading.

Tabor begins this high energy presentation with an overview of his proven four-step S-P-A-M approach to cheerleading conditioning. This system is designed to be physiologically and psychologically sound and builds in sensitivity for the diversity that every group presents in terms of fitness.

Tabor targets five areas:

  • Cardio and Legs - 25 exercises and variations
  • Upper Body Exercises - 18 exercises
  • Core Exercises - 15 exercises that train both the lower and upper core
  • Low Back - Three specific exercises
  • Stretching - Seven exercises


With each exercise Tabor shows you the technical aspects for safe and effective execution for the specific move, and he demonstrates how to make the activity cheer specific.

This instruction is sure to give both coach and cheerleader ideas for achieving a level of conditioning that incorporates fun and high energy into safe and effective training!

53 minutes. 2010.

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