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Cheer Champs 4-Pack

Cheer Champs 4-Pack

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with Britten Blackburn,
President/CEO at the Alabama Cheerleading Center and Head Coach of the Bama All Starz in Bessemer (AL);
former Auburn University cheerleader, Auburn University cheerleading coach, and a 9-year Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) Head Instructor.

Cheer Champs: Elite Stunts and Inversions

Raise the bar for your squad by dazzling spectators with new elite stunts and inversions! Britten Blackburn presents more than 10 high-difficulty level stunts complete with demonstrations and step-by-step instructions for each member of the stunt group. Take advantage of front and side view camera angles, slow motion replays, and expert tips from Coach Blackburn to master these amazing stunts!

Elite Stunts Included:
Full Up to Extension, Twist Cradle Dismount
Full Up to Extension, *Double Twist Cradle Dismount
Switch Up Heel Stretch, Retake back to Heel Stretch, Twist Cradle Dismount
1 Up to Liberty, Retake, Arabesque, Straight Cradle Dismount
Front Walkover Inversion to Full Up Extension, *Double Twist Cradle Dismount
Ball Up to Prep, T-Drop, Supported Inverted Flip Dismount
Ball Up to Straddle Sit, Reload to Extension, T-Drop, Supported Inverted Flip Dismount
Supported Backflip, Reload, Liberty, Retake Scale, Twist Cradle Dismount
Supported Backflip to Smush, Show & Go, Retake, Full up to Liberty, Twist Cradle Dismount
Back Handspring, Supported Backflip, Full Up to Heel Stretch, Twist Cradle Dismount
and More!

* Please note that Double Twist Cradle Dismounts (Double Downs) are prohibited by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) for all High School and Middle School cheer squads (effective 2012). Double Downs are however still legal in All Star gyms and at the college level.

This presentation is intended for experienced coaches and squads with very high level stunting abilities. Prerequisite stunts that should be mastered before progressing on to the advanced stunts in this video include: 1. Full Up to Prep (Elevator) Press Up to Extension, Twist Cradle dismount2. Straight Up to Liberty, Twist Cradle dismount. DVD. 2014.

Cheer Champs: Jump Perfection

Learn secrets from the best to improve your squad's jump height, flexibility, and form! Britten Blackburn offers broken down demonstrations of the four most common cheerleading jumps: Toe Touch, Herkie/Side Hurdler, Front Hurdler, and Pike. Along with these demos, Coach Blackburn shares his coaching tips on how to improve these jumps and correct common errors using his "3 F's in Jump" motto: Forward, Fast, and Finish.

Beyond these basic jumps, Blackburn provides examples of higher difficulty level variations you can put with jumps for performance or competition purposes.

Examples of the elite jumps shown are:
Double Toe Touch
Triple Toe Touch
Double Toe Touch, Back Handspring
Front Walkover, Double Toe Touch, Back Handspring, Back Tuck
and More!

Coach Blackburn also dedicates a portion of this video to jump drills and stretches that can be incorporated into practices to improve upon the jumps your cheerleaders are already capable of by increasing their flexibility and endurance.

This presentation is perfect for the new coach desiring more knowledge on types of jumps and how they are executed. It is also good for coaches who have experience, but have either squads that struggle with jumps or have advanced jumpers looking to add variation and tumbling to their normal jump repertoire. DVD. 59 minutes. 2014.

Cheer Champs: Create Your Own Choreography

Whether preparing for competition or wanting to wow your fans during a halftime performance, routine choreography can make all the difference!

Working his way up from the most basic of motions to synchronized tumbling passes, Britten Blackburn presents a variety of squad formations along with a multitude of transitions to "wow" the crowd during your next routine.

The formations highlighted in this production are:
Two Line (Sideline) Formation
Diagonal Formation
Diamond Formation
V and Inverted V Formations
Bowling Pin Formation

Along with showing each formation, Coach Blackburn's cheerleaders demonstrate how to switch positions with each other using arm motions, spins, floor rolls, jumps, and tumbling. These transitions from one formation to the next can be done simultaneously or in a ripple pattern to music or words during a cheer.

This video is an excellent resource for any coach needing choreography inspiration for upcoming competitions or performances. The ideas presented are unique and offer a sharp, put-together look for squads at any ability level. DVD. 35 minutes. 2014.

Cheer Champs: Skills & Drills for Youth Cheerleading

Prepare young athletes for cheerleading success with this comprehensive coaching video! Britten Blackburn offers examples and explanations in the following topics ...

Motion Technique - 20 motions!
Arm and fist placement
Common mistakes to prevent
Games/Drills to practice motion knowledge and sharpness

Cheerleading Jumps
Toe Touch, Herkie/Side Hurdler, Front Hurdler, & Pike
Proper arm placement
How to get power from legs
Pointing toes
Good posture/balance
Drills to improve strength & flexibility

Standing Tumbling
Progressions: Forward Roll, Handstand, Back Bend/Walkover, Back Handspring
Spotting techniques for new to experienced tumblers

Running Tumbling
Connecting a Round Off & Back Handspring
Proper spotting techniques

This video is intended for coaches working with youth squads or cheerleaders with little to no prior cheer experience. This is also a great tool for a coach that has a limited cheerleading and/or tumbling background themselves and needs more information on these components and how to teach them! DVD. 60 minutes. 2014.

Cheer Champs 4-Pack Cheerleading Coaching DVDs
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Cheerleading Stunts and Inversions
Raise the bar for your squad by dazzling spectators!
cheerleading Jumps
Improve your squad's jump height, flexibility, and form!
cheerleading Choreography DVD
Great choreography can make all the difference!
cheerleading camp skills and drills
Prepare young athletes for cheerleading success!