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Cheer Champs: Elite Stunts and Inversions

Cheer Champs: Elite Stunts and Inversions

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Former Auburn University cheerleader and cheerleading coach, 9-year Universal Cheerleaders Association Head Instructor, and President/CEO at the Alabama Cheerleading Center, and Head Coach of the Bama All Starz, Britten Blackburn develops a presentation geared for experienced coaches and squads with very high level stunting abilities. Prerequisite stunts that should be mastered before progressing on to the advanced stunts in this video include: full up to prep (elevator) press up to extension, twist cradle dismount; straight up to liberty, twist cradle dismount. Blackburn presents more than 10 high-difficulty level stunts complete with demonstrations and step-by-step instructions for each member of the stunt group. Take advantage of front and side view camera angles, slow motion replays, and expert tips from Coach Blackburn to master these amazing stunts! Teach your squad: full up to extension, twist cradle dismount; full up to extension, double twist cradle dismount (prohibited by the NFHS effective 2012); switch up heel stretch, retake back to heel stretch, twist cradle dismount; and many more. This DVD is part of the set: Cheer Champs 4-Pack. 2014.

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