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Championship Stroke Breakdown Series

Championship Stroke Breakdown Series

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This four-video bundle includes:

Championship Stroke Breakdown Series: Freestyle Breakdown

with Arthur Albiero,
University of Louisville Head Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Coach;
2014 Men's and Women's ACC Champions; 2012 National Coach of the Year; 2014 ACC Coach of the Year (3x Big East Coach of the Year);
2012 Olympic Coach for Portugal; back-to-back-to-back Big East Women's Championships (2011-13)

Learn over 20 drills for breaking down every phase of the freestyle race: body line, propulsion, the catch, starts, turns and strategies.

  • Discover drills for establishing and maintaining a long yet tight body line to minimize drag and to increase speed and efficiency
  • Learn a drill progression for developing a clean hand entry and establishing a great catch
  • Learn how to set up and execute fast starts and powerful breakouts for individual events and relays

39 minutes. 2015.

Championship Stroke Breakdown Series: Backstroke Breakdown

with Whitney Hite,
University of Wisconsin Head Men's and Women's Coach;
including coaching stints at Arizona (M/W), Washington (M/W), Cal (W) and Georgia (W), In just three seasons, Hite's teams broke 35 school records

Help your swimmers balance strength and speed to produce the fastest backstroke pulls at any race distance.

  • Help your swimmers build an effective, complete backstroke pull - from the catch, through the pull pattern and to the exit
  • Develop underwater dolphin kicking to take advantage of the fastest part of any backstroke race
  • Learn how to perform a backstroke start that explodes into a backward line, rather an an upward arc, for a clean water entry

42 minutes. 2015.

Championship Stroke Breakdown Series: Breaststroke Breakdown

with Ray Looze,
Indiana University Men's and Women's Head Swim Coach;
5x Big Ten Champions;
Head Coach for Team USA at the 2014 FINA Short Course World Championships

Comprehensive instruction for improving speed, power, breath control, motor memory and the mechanics necessary to achieve personal best times.

  • Teach a fast, effective breaststroke pullout to gain an advantage off of each wall
  • Learn how to improve efficiency in breaststroke by refining each phase of the stroke
  • Learn how to achieve greater speed and distance when entering the water with a fast and effective start and breakout

81 minutes. 2015.

Championship Stroke Breakdown Series: Butterfly Breakdown

with Braden Holloway,
North Carolina State Head Coach (Mens & Womens);
2013 ACC Men's Swim Coach of the Year; 5x All American swimmer at NC State

Get over 20 butterfly drills for helping swimmers achieve maximum sustainable speed by establishing and maintaining a low-resistance body line.

  • Learn how to establish a low-resistance body line to minimize drag and maximize propulsive power
  • Develop ideal stroke timing for generating the most speed from the least amount of energy
  • Learn how to build a powerful kick with equal power on the upward and downward motions of the kick

103 minutes. 2015.